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    I've been looking at a popular consignment site. Many of the furs don't have tags. Why is that? Is that common?
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    Sometimes it’s because the original lining needed replacing.
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    Furs don’t have labels all the time because sometimes they’re custom furrier made, sometimes labels have been removed when for cleaning or repair, as Deborah said sometimes linings are replaced, and sometimes the threads just come loose from the labels fall off.

    Many times size labels are not added either.
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  5. FurBaby

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    Ahhhh I see. Thanks everyone!
    I recently purchased this one... Caryn confirmed it's sable. It's gorgeous! But I was still nervous and considering returning. I'm a novice and this unfolded into my lap while searching the site (i'd share the site but i'm not sure if it's against the rules). No labels at all except the previous owner's name is on the lining. I googled the pic and nothing.... I feel better about it now. It makes sense that it may be custom made.

    The pics are from the site and the ones I took when it arrived :)

    Any idea how old it may be?

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