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    I'm putting this question up for my best friend, who found these Ray-Ban sunglasses at a thrift, and she has some questions before she puts them up for sale (well, she had them up but withdrew the listing after the first collector contacted her, asking questions), as she doesn't want to list them as something wrong. I know zero about vintage sunglasses or Ray-Ban in particular, my friend has done a bit of online research, but we're hoping someone here may know more?

    Here are the photos:

    Sonnenbrille Ray Ban (1).JPG

    Sonnenbrille Ray Ban (2).JPG
    Sonnenbrille Ray Ban (3).JPG Sonnenbrille Ray Ban (4).JPG

    Sonnenbrille Ray Ban (5).JPG Sonnenbrille Ray Ban (6).JPG

    Sonnenbrille Ray Ban (7).JPG

    Is this the model "Outdoorsman"?
    Is there anyway to tell if these are vintage or modern? The model is still available...
    I know we can't authenticate items here in the forums - but are there special any pointers one might look for in an original frame?
    Apparently original Ray-Ban glasses usually have a tiny B&L logo etched in at the edge - is that true and did all have that? These don't - could the glasses have been changed? Would this be something that was usual?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Just curious. How can you tell they are vintage? I see quite a few of these in my travels and i thought with the ear pieces, the covered ends, made them new.
    Educate me a little
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    Thanks, Tiff - that's very much appreciated! That's the thing about the lenses - my friend says they aren't really green and they don't look green to me in the photos either. One reason I guess why she was told they may have been replaced.
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