Robe de Style - Attempt Restoration or Not?

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    I have just acquired this beautiful 1920s wedding dress, and was delighted to discover the wicker work for side panniers beneath the skirt. The frame appears to be made of very fine strands of reed or similar natural substance for wicker work, all bound together in strips about 1/2 thick, then encased in silk covering. These are semi circular in shape, (or would have been, now crumpled) and the silk "wings" suspending them tie at front and back to keep the foundation work in place. The wicker strips are not broken, but are mis-shapen from storage. I am contemplating removing them from the casing, wetting and reshaping them to see if I can restore the shape. What do you think? Or should I leave it alone? As it is, the framework does not support the sides of the skirt, just gets in the way underneath. Also, I'm not sure whether this was the entire framework, or if there would have been other parts now missing. I have a bad tendency to over mend items, just saying.

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    How interesting. Hope you get more answers to this.
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    It appears to be original, it's all stitched in with the original seams.
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    I'm going to try inserting some plastic boning strips into the casing without removing the original wicker work. Easily removed without damage if it doesn't work.

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