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Rockabilly Workshop Part VI: Bowling Shirts & Smokey Lounges

Discussion in 'Rockabilly 2005' started by www.VintageGrace.com, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. [align=center][​IMG]

    Well you can burn my house, steal my car
    Drink my liquor from an old fruit jar and do anything that you want to do
    But ah ah honey lay off of my shoes and don't you step on my blue suede shoes
    You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes

    Carl Perkins ~ Blue Suede Shoes ~[/align]

    From the sounds of it, ol' Carl was pretty darn serious about his blue suede shoes. But these were serious times for the founding fathers of what would become known as Rockabilly.

    They didn't yet have an image to uphold - they had an image to create.

    It's not easy giving birth to lasting style.

    To help me present today's workshop, I am once again calling on a few old friends. You will meet them as we go down the lane known as Rockabilly for men.

    (If anyone feels that I haven't quite hit the mark, please feel free to jump in and make corrections. I am a grade A novice of men's fashion - no matter what genre. I won't be insulted. I'll be grateful!)

    "Well hiya Big E! Are you here to help me out today?"

    "That's right momma. Whaddya think of my creepers."


    "Your what?"

    "My creepers baby. My shoes."

    "Oooooh, you want us to look at your SHOES!"

    "That's right momma. I love these creepers. No self-respecting cool cat would be without em' momma."

    As always, The King is right! Creepers were the hep shoes for the hep cats in the 1950s. And you know what? They still are. Fortunately for today's cool cats, shoes are a bit more user friendly on the feet. And while the sole of the shoe has been slightly modified, the heart of the creeper remains the same.



    "Even The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis, loved his creepers!"


    "Ok, so a man's going to need to wear something besides just shoes. Who's got a suggestion for me?"

    "Hello, my name is Johnny Cash."

    "Johnny! I am so glad you are here. I'm stuck. What does a hep cat need besides a cool pair of creepers?"

    "Well, I kinda like my red jacket."

    "Hey! I thought you were the man in black?"

    "Don't believe everything you read. They also said I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die."






    "Whoa, that's kinda a wild jacket you've got there Carl. Isn't that a bit loud?"

    "Hey, this is Rockabilly not a Pat Boone sing-a-long. Loud is good, especially if you want to be seen."







    "Ok, shoes, jacket but that still doesn't cover everything. What else do you guys got?"

    "I know! I know! I know!"


    "Why young Mr. Nelson. I wasn't expecting you to show up today!"

    "Yea, well shucks, I'm kinda a Rockabilly kid in a pop sorta way."

    "Ok, I'm willing to stick my neck out for you Ricky. Whaddya got for us?"

    "Shirts! Lots of cool shirts!"
















    "Hey Roy! When did you get here?"

    "Oh why, I just sorta been hanging out. Checking out the sharp threads."

    "Do you have anything you'd like to add to our Rockabilly closet?"

    "Indeedy I do. You know sweaters and light jackets have always been some of my favorite threads."

    "Sweaters? For Rockabilly? You wouldn't be pulling my leg, would you Roy?"

    "Now, don't knock a cool sweater little girl. Let me show you."


    "Is that you Roy? I almost didn't recognize you!"

    "Handsome devil, wasn't I!!"

    "Yes Roy, handsome. That's the word I was looking for..."



    "Yea, I see what you mean. The right sweater or jacket can be Rockabilly! But something's missing? What am I missing here guys?"

    "Step aside young lady and let a pro show you how it's done."


    "Hello Killer. What did I miss?"

    "Hey kitten, every self-respecting Rockabilly cat needs the right suit, see?"





    "Wow! We did it!! We covered everything the Rockabilly cat needs to be cool!"

    "No, not quite everything."

    "What are you talking about Big E.? We looked at shoes, jackets, shirts, sweaters and shirts. I don't get it. What did we leave out."

    "Ah honey. Take a look."


    "Oh Elvis!"

    Be sure to visit:
    The Rockabilly Hall of Fame

    The Official Johnny Cash Website

    The Official Roy Orbison Website

    The Official Elvis Website

    The Official Jerry Lee Lewis Website

    The Official Ricky Nelson Website

    I am dumbfounded that there is not an Official Carl Perkins Website. You can however visit his page in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame
    The Carl Perkins Tribute Page
    I wonder who one needs to contact to correct this great oversight!

    For more on the fashions of Elvis, try Elvis Fashions

    For more information on the Cuban Guayabera shirt, Cigar Aficianado is a good place to start.
  2. Patentleathershoes

    Patentleathershoes VFG Veteran VFG Past President

    I am having soooo much fun Maureen!!!

    This is great. And I can't believe there is not an official Carl Perkins website either!
  3. vintagecurves

    vintagecurves Registered Guest

    I love the ending :hysterical: Sexxxay :love008:
    Great job!!
  4. PodVintage

    PodVintage Alumni

    What a fantastic job. I just love it!:love008:
  5. hipvintage

    hipvintage Alumni

    Hurray!! Looks great!:USETHUMBUP:

    Plenty of Elvis, too!;)

  6. gaildavid

    gaildavid VFG Member

    :clapping::clapping: :clapping:

    Another outstanding chapter in the workshop!! Thanks so very much. Love the info....and the pics!!!

    I am still swooning over the Ricky Nelson picture.....He was such a doll!!:love008:

  7. vintagemeggie

    vintagemeggie Registered Guest


    That was great!
  8. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    That was so much fun to read!!! :clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:

    Anyone have any pics of gab jackets? I don't have any at the moment, but they're very popular, too - especially two-toned jackets.

    There are some great examples up on ebay at the moment!

    Great job, Maureen!!!
  9. I WISH I had some gab panal jackets. I think they are just so cool looking. They are so sharp!!

    If anyone has any, please share them with us!! I'd love to see them.

    By the way Deb, you swooned when I mentioned seeing Roy Orbison in concert but it occured to me while I was putting this thread together that out of the 'Class of 55' alumni, I have seen 3 of them in concert!

    I started with Johnny Cash when I was about 10, and I think I saw him 3 or 4 times over the years.

    Then I saw Elvis in concert on his last concert tour of San Francisco. My mom, incidentally, saw Elvis make his first San Francisco concert appearance and then again at his last one when she took us! :wow: She still remembers him getting down on one knee and singing to the RCA Victor dog! That would make her kinda a cool kitty!

    And then I saw Roy in the 70s as I mentioned in another of the RAB threads.

    I guess that makes me one cool kitty too! :cool:

    :roll: Maureen
  10. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    That was great

    Gotta go add that suit to VLV on the mall. Didn't know it could be worn for VLV thank you!
  11. materialmemories

    materialmemories Registered Guest

    Another HIT!!!

    This has got to be as I have said before one of the MOST FUN and INTERESTING WORKSHOPS EVER!!!
  12. PodVintage

    PodVintage Alumni

    I agree... Way to go everyone!:headbang:

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