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(ROCKABILLY WORKSHOP VII) On the 7th Day there was Psyhcobilly!

Discussion in 'Rockabilly 2005' started by PodVintage, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. PodVintage

    PodVintage Alumni

    <img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/cooltext1974091.jpeg" width=480 height=73><p>
    <h1><b>Psyhcobilly Women & The Men who love them........</h1></b><p>

    Unlike Rockabetties (aka Female Rockabillies), Psychobetties are all about BIGGER & BOLDER and BADDER than you!<br>

    Rockabetties love their tight pencil skirts, pedal pushers, dark rolled denim rolled jeans, embroidered cardigan, the funky purses, cherries on their socks, skulls on their belt buckles. <br>
    These women also love the vinyl & leather fetish. The image of the dominatrix Betty Paige. The Sex kitten.<br>
    When it comes to make-up and hair, there is no exception than the Bold & the Beautiful!. The drawn out eyeliner, the ruby red lips, and yes the Cat eye glasses. <br>
    Let us not forget about the skin art. These women love the ink as much as the men do. But you do not have to have skin are to be a Psychobetty, but it doesn’t hurt.<br>
    <b>SHOES!</b> Every woman loves them, from the authentic vintage shoes to the new retro styles of the old, to the creepers & super creepers. These women wear it ALL! Platforms, worker boots, creepers, high heels, wedge heels you name it these ladies will probablly wear it.<br>
    <b>HAIR!</b> From the Psychobetties that I have seen and have met, the majority perfer the Female Pompador. High in the front with straight in the back, to wearing a snood, or scarf. These ladies also like the good ol’ side rolls. But the ultimate Psychobetty hair is Ms. Betty Paige style. The Betty bangs.<br>
    <center> <H3><b>The Hit List</h3></b> </center>
    <center> <UL>

    <center><LI type=disc> Sex Kitten Dress</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/13bolerodress.jpeg" width=109 height=243><br><center> <a href=www.8ballwebstore.com>8ball webstore</a></center><br><center> <LI type=disc>Bondage</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Vinyl</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Embroidered Cardigans</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/cherrywebsweat.jpeg" width=154 height=187><center> <a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a></center><br><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Dickies</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/capriblkcat.jpeg" width=127 height=197><center> <a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a></center><br><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Workshirts</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Fishnets</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Leopard print</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/leocollarzip.jpeg" width=219 height=235><center> <a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a></center><br><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Corsets</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/leofurdress.jpeg" width=162 height=233><center> <a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a></center><br><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>40’s Hair</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/femalepomp.jpg" width=269 height=296><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Betty Paige Bangs</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/ChrisAdrianne.jpg" width=101 height=148><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Cat Eye Glasses</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/meow.jpg" width=129 height=170><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Cherries</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/slidecherry.jpeg" width=175 height=131><center> <a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a>></center><br><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Skulls</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Flames</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Tattoos</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Body Piercings</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Devils</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Hot Rods</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Kitty Kats</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/jackblkcat.jpeg" width=166 height=171><center> <a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a></center><br>
    <center><LI type=disc> Pencil Skirts</center><br>

    <h1><b>Psyhcobilly Men & The Women who put up with them........</h1></b><p>

    <b>MEN!</b> Since you have the Punk combined with Rockabilly you get a mighty loud mix. Take normal “Greaser” look, take away his normal pompador. You add a much higher pomp, or better yet a mowhawk. <h2><b>WHAM! </h2></b> You get PSYCHO-BILLY!<p>
    <b>The Mellow Fellow</b> These fellows will be the Rock-a-Billy slowly converting into the Psych-o-Billy scene. They will not be as extreme as the others, there for, they will stand out. They will still have the ultra mellow pompador, the rolled dark jeans, the black Chuck Taylor all-stars, tattoos, bowling or work shirts, and possibly the Buddy Holly glasses.<br>
    <b>Stuck In The Middle</b> These guys will be a little more extreme than Mister Mellow. The bigger pompador, more extreme tattoos, creepers or work boots (Doc’s, Gripfast), work-shirts, flamed cuffs on their jeans, studded clothing, and body peircings.<br>
    <b>To The Extreme</b> The most dramatic of them all. The hairstyle for most, a quiff. Which is a cross between a mohawk & pompador. These could be normal colors or as bright as the rainbow. These guys prefer the denim workware, animal print (leopard), studded leather jackets, the BIG Double creepers, bondage/fetish wear. <br>

    <center> <H3><b>The Hit List</h3></b></center>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Bondage</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Workshirts</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>BIG Pomp Hair</center> <img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/shaun3.jpg" width=189 height=185><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Vinyl</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Straight Jackets</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Buddy Holly Glasses</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Motor Cycle Shirts</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Skulls</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Flames</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Tattoos</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/shaun2.jpg" width=129 height=238><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Body Piercing</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Devils</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Iron Cross</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Hot Rods</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Pin-ups</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/pinuppanel.jpeg" width=114 height=192><center> <a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a> <br> </center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Dark Denim</center> <br><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/jeanironcross.jpeg" width=104 height=197><center> <br><center<a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a> </center> <br>
    <center> <H3><b>The Shoes</h3></b></center>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Creepers</center> <br><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/creepers.jpeg" width=175 height=126><center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/creepers1.jpeg" width=143 height=111><center> <a href=www.georgecox.co.uk/>George Cox Shoes</a></center><br><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Doc Martens</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Gripfast</center><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Work Boots</center><br><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/airseal.jpeg" width=195 height=154><center> <a href=www.georgecox.co.uk/>George Cox Shoes</a></center><br><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Sling backs</center> <img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/greenplatformscroc1.jpg" width=154 height=108> <br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Vintage shoes or Platforms</center><img src="http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/1950spinup/DSCN1144.JPG" width=120 height=113><br>
    <center> <LI type=disc>Mary Janes</center><br>

    <center> <H3><b>Websites to Vist</h3></b></center>
    <center> <a href=http://www.8ballwebstore.com/>8 Ball Webstore</a></center><br>
    <center> <a href=www.lucky13apparel.com/>Lucky 13</a></center><br>
    <center> <a href=www.hottopic.com/>Hot Topic</a></center><br>
    <center><a href=http://www.allynscura.com/vintageframes_index.htm/>Vintage Eye wear</a></center><br>
    <center> <a href=www.daddyos.com/>Daddy-O's</a></center><br>
    <center> <a href=www.englandscreaming.com/>Creepers @ England Screaming</a></center><br>
    <center> <a href=www.georgecox.co.uk/>George Cox Shoes</a></center><br>
    <center> <H3><b>The Ultimate Psychobilly Site Tons of Pictures!</h3></b></center>
    <center> <a href=www.wreckingpit.com/> Wrecking Pit</a></center><br>
  2. dibs2002

    dibs2002 Registered Guest

    Cool! Thanks Adrianne!
  3. Totally cool Adrianne!!!

    Thanks ~ Maureen
  4. alonesolo

    alonesolo Guest

    Love the pics ;)
  5. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Adrianne, thank you! I found the Psycho-billy section particularly
    interesting. I feel that my grasp of the different types of RAB women is
    so much better now, but the men, unfortunately, I still have much to learn!

    Haven't had a chance yet to check out the links, but am looking forward to it.

  6. PodVintage

    PodVintage Alumni

    The wrecking pit website is very cool. They do have a chat board that you can observe. They do have a picture section, which is very helpful to see the different types of styles.
  7. route66gal

    route66gal Registered Guest

    Sue, you don't want to grasp psychobilly men! At least don't squeeze too tightly ;) Okay, erm, I'm not even sure I know what I meant by that!

    I love psychobilly fashion - it's just so fun. I do wish Hot Topic hadn't gotten ahold of psychobilly and marketed it as their "rockabilly-in-a-box" type of thing. Love your pics - great job!
  8. PodVintage

    PodVintage Alumni

    Thanks... I know what you mean about Hot Topic! (at least they make finding cherry stuff easier!):hysterical:
  9. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    I just now got a chance to check some of the links...the 8 Ball website has some great stuff! Not just clothing, but accessories and home stuff. I wish they took paypal! :(

  10. PodVintage

    PodVintage Alumni

    The guy that owns the store "Gator" used to be in a band, and is a friend of my dH. But they sell at VLV every year.

    Great stuff too!
  11. It's interesting to me that Hot Topic is also mentioned once again here as Lin mentioned in reference to Goth. Perhaps they consider themselves a capitalizer of alternative fashion niches of any sort, not any particular one.

    Just like you say...Rockabilly in a box!
  12. materialmemories

    materialmemories Registered Guest

    I LOVED this and also APPRECIATE the LINKS!!!

    I have put SO MANY ITEMS on MY FAVORITES LIST this week.

    This is SUCH FUN!!!!

    I wanted to add that I always add a bit of myself into whatever vintage pieces I wear...I think this shows many a perfect example of making a look your own !!!

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