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    I need help with dating this coat, I am guessing it's from the 60's? Does anyone know about this brand? It is pure wool.

    Also, this can be added to the Label Resource!



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    Hi there!

    How do you know that it is a modern piece styled to look like vintage?

    All the details, (buttons, shoulder padding, ornate label, the finish of textile used). I haven't seen modern replicas be able to look like this. Even the pencil marks on the inside tag.

    My other post most definitely made me think a modern rendition. I am not as convinced this coat is the same case.
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    It's a lovely jacket, and looks nice quality.

    I agree that it's not 1960s. The main label itself is not a style you would see in the 1960s. It's hard to say how I know that, but it comes from having handled a lot of pieces.

    The pencil number on the dry clean label, may be from a dry-cleaner, or some other stock control method of its life before it reached you.

    The other details can be found on more modern pieces. The size 42, indicates it might be European in origin. I don't know the brand, and it can be hard to find any information when it's a generic word like the name Sara.

    I do think it's probably from within the last 20 years - or possibly as far back as the 1990s?

    Hopefully some others will weigh in - unfortunately I'm not clear when in more recent history this style would have been made.
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    If it were 1960's the lining would have likely been rayon taffeta. Is your lining polyester? Also I feel the proportions of the jacket seem later. Very attractive jacket. Sorry I can't help with dating.
  5. As mentioned, the large label is not indicative of the 1960s. These large labels were popular in the early 2000, possibly late 1990s.
    What is the care content?
    There were many nice companies making vintage style clothing in the years I stated above.

    Also,the size label of 42.
    In the 1960s there was different sizing .
    A nice piece though
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    Hi there!

    It is an acetate lining.


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