Sheers, Scarves & Shawls Vintage Inspirations/Spring 2017 for the week of May 15th

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    Sheers, Scarves & Shawls Vintage Inspirations/Spring 2017

    Virtually every designer the world-over showed sheer fabric pieces for Spring and Summer this year. Layered over and under, sheer pieces were large and small, lacey or chiffon-like; incorporated embroidered or plain netting, or were inset with tulle into peekaboo cutaways in the latest collections. A tease of skin showing through varied from demure to daring on the runways, and this week we honor their vintage gossamer counterparts, including see-through scarves, lace, knit and chiffon shawls in the mix. It's a nebulous triple threat in this parade, so show us your vintage sheers, scarves and shawls.

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    Vanity Fair princess lounging gown~


    Sheer pink Lisette peignoir set~

    Sheer Schiaparelli floral nylons~

    Sexy sheer black set~

    1920s Fortuny inspired sheer caftan~
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    A few from my collection:

    1970s Howard Levine:

    1950s blue chiffon (also includes a matching little pouch and arm covers, not shown):

    1940s Tula circus set with hand-painted circus performers on the sleeves of the robe and the bodice of the gown:
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    GREAT photos!!
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    From my archive of sold items:


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    1960s negligee from my archives

    1950s blouse from my archives

    1960s Vanity Fair peignoir set from my archives
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    Reported: 2017 trend for Bridal Shawls

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