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  1. Link to an interesting article about the quest to make heels that <a href="http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/living/2002013304_shoes24.html">don't hurt.</a>

  2. To understand how to build a better set of heels, Joseph walked, if not a mile, at least a few blocks in a pair. He bought a few sets of size 11 two-inch heels.

    I was hobbled in about five minutes," Joseph says. "When I started to walk around in the shoes, I felt all the forces: the impact of the heel when it strikes, the leverage exerted to push the foot down toward the front of the shoe.

    I think any man that designs women's shoes should be required to do this! You can use physics and engineering to death but you will never fully understand until you try it yourself just for a minute. I am not saying that they should wear em everyday but just to walk a few feet in them. Of course, the angles and widths of our hips may be different...but our feet structurally are the same..!!!!

    (oh, lest i forget, men DID wear heels at certain times in history..it was one of the Louis periods i think...though our resident shoe experts will know more...)

    but seriously, when a heel of a shoe impacts the ground under the middle of the woman's ankle instead of at the back of the ankle...it makes one stand up taller instead of throwing yourself forward and tripping. (which i am good at!)

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