Silk pleated pants

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  1. CaptMicha

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    These have a high waist band (owner folded and sewed it by half), a plastic zipper, and a low crotch.

    I don't know... 70's?

    And if you can see, both outside sides of the pants, towards the bottom, are slightly yellower/or paler than on the rest of the pants.

    Is this discoloration, or do you think it's just because the pleating has flattened out here and a large degree of fabric is seen?

    If not, is this at all salvageable? I hope so! These pants are gorgeous! But SO long!!

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  3. CaptMicha

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    Yeah. :/ Ugh. I'll try blocking in some of the pleats and see how it's looking then. Maybe I'll even dye and block in the entire thing when I feel like it. They're so pretty...

    Thanks for the help!

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