Skorts shorts and skirts!-The VFG Fashion Parade for the week of July 27th

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    2020-06-30 13.32.24.jpg

    Skorts shorts and skirts!

    Skirts and shorts have both been fashion staples for decades, but did you know that the very first skorts were called 'trouser skirts' and were worn by women during the Victorian bicycling craze? Considered scandalous at the time, trouser skirts morphed into sleek pants worn under skirts for ease of movement, eventually shortened into culottes and made cool by the French for tennis in the 1930s. The skort began as a garment of rebellion and evolved into modern day ath-leisure. Don't skirt the issue, we want to see see all your leg-baring summer garments: culottes, skirts, shorts, and of course skorts!
  2. 1960s super short Skort in striped cotton.
    vintage 60s 70s scooter skort shorts.jpg striped vintage short shorts,mini skirt shorts.jpg

    Available in my website.

    Cute 1960s shorts shorts and sleeveless top pattern
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    Simplicity 9332_1.jpg
    1970s scooter skirt and tunic top pattern Simplicity 9332

    Simplicity 9874_1.jpg
    1970s skirt and pantskirt pattern Simplicity 9874

    1970s tennis dress, top and shorts pattern McCalls 2440

    1960s sports separates pattern McCalls 6207

    1950s girls's blouse, shorts and skirt pattern Simplicity 1146 (teen size B32)
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    All photos are clickable links

    On Etsy, a 60s scooter dress with a split skirt for easy Vespa riding


    This is the bottom half of a 2 piece 80s ensemble with matching cropped longsleeve top

    A 60s split skirt sundress

    Jantzen men's cabana shorts in batik print - cute on ladies too!
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