Smarty Cardi (The Ultimate Unisex Garment)~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of November 21st

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    The Cardigan is named after Major General James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, who was a British officer serving in the Crimean War. Though named after the Earl of Cardigan, the garment’s history dates further back. In the 17th century, British and French fishermen adopted the garment to keep warm on cold winter days at sea. The Cardigan was popular in America as well, and in 1865 the Harvard University Baseball team added the letter ‘H’ to the front of its jerseys, and the v-necked Letter Cardigan became a prep favorite on campuses across the country.

    Coco Chanel revived interest in the cardigan among women during the 1920s. A decade later, cardigans became popular in American men’s fashion as well as on the golf course; Esquire Magazine featured them regularly. . . men's cardigans are considered classics in patterns such as bird’s eye, houndstooth and
    Prince of Wales checks among others. (Written by:

    Don't button up, now, parade out men's and women's smart button-front sweaters from Fair Isle to Lettermans; long or short; sporty or fancy, bulky and sleek, from all eras . . . and, include sweater guards or sweater clips, too, for those breezy Fall evenings.

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