snakeskin or...?

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  1. AstridC

    AstridC Registered Guest

    Hi everybody,

    I am not very good with exotic learhers and I was wondering if you kould help? Is this snakeskin or embossed leather?

    the bag is very high quality by german manufacturer goldpfeil.

    thanks a lot in advance![​IMG]

  2. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Trade Member

    It's hard to tell from a photo, but this looks emobossed to me. If real, you might see some scale edges lifting a bit, and there seems to be too much "space" between the scales on your close-up. And, from what I can tell the pattern looks too symmetrical to be genuine snakeskin. Honestly, though, feeling the bag is usually the only & best way I've found to tell for sure on snakeskin. Run your hands both ways across the surface; you usually can feel a grain or at least some roughness. Embossed will feel smooth (except for the bumps of course).

    It is a very lovely bag, though, genuine skin or not!
  3. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    i love little bags like that, and i agree, looks embossed.

    cute as can be!
  4. BagDiva

    BagDiva Guest

    if its golden python which I think it is....check with your finger nail whether there is any 'give' in the cells. If not it may be sealed with a patent veneer. and still be looks real form here.
  5. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Trade Member

    Sara, is that what it is when there is a clear surface over the skin? I didn't realize it is a patent veneer. I've seen them before, and those are really hard for me to tell if they're real or not. Wow, I learn something new every day! So, you would "feel" around the scales to see if they lift or move under the veneer? I'll have to remember that.... So, embossed the surface will move in one piece, and if genuine snake, you will still see some individual movement of scales?
  6. AstridC

    AstridC Registered Guest

    the scales do seem to lift up a little near the edges... I will have tockeck better tomorrow in daylight...
  7. Joanne Watson

    Joanne Watson Registered Guest

    Hi anyone help me identify if my bag is genuine.... It feels very rough when I run my hands and it is very well made... No glue in sight job at tiny tiny screws and the lining is velvet... There's no name inside to see who made it either..many thanks Jo

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