Sporting Glory VFG Fashion Parade for the week of May 27th

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    Sporting Glory

    The special considerations required of sporting attire have always created unique challenges for designers. Creating a garment that is durable, comfortable and unrestrictive, preserves the modesty of its era and is yet stylish and flattering has inspired a number of forward-looking forms and innovations, many of which, such as denim, trousers for women, sneakers and the baseball cap, have become ubiquitous. Let's see what our members are running with today!
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    1960s girl's ski jacket pattern Ringier g3702 B31.5 / size 12

    1950s sports blouse / skating sweater pattern Ringier g69593 junior size B33

    1950s women's ski jacket / windbreaker pattern Ringier g69982 B38

    1950s sportswear set (blouse / capri pants / skirt) pattern Ringier g60203 B36
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