Spring 2017 VI: We ❤️ Denim /Spring 2017 for the week of May 29th

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    Spring/Summer 2017 is reported to be a banner year for jeans and all things denim in the fashion press. Blue, black, white . . . faded, dark wash, distressed . . . ripped, fringed, patchworked, embroidered, sequined. . . fun and imagination reigns over this trend.

    Looks range from delicate floral embroidery to fun iron-on patches or opt for flashy embellished florals inspired by Gucci. Denim can take a boho turn with crafty details such as beading, nature motifs, colorful embroidery, and tassels. The statement hem is a fresh twist on skinny leg, flares and cropped pants. The little denim dress, shorts, skirts, and jackets are among the fray . . . and are frayed, as well!

    HarpersBazaar.com states: If ever denim was ok for evening cocktails, you could consider these jeans [by Dolce & Gabbana]. Pop culture in decades past have had their influence on the current confident turn to denim, no doubt, so let's show off denim's heritage with embellished vintage pieces that are still livin' large, for, we love denim!
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    These are previously sold items:

    50s denim by Stoneswear
    70s flounced denim skirt
    70s wrap dress by Surri of California
    50s Sears denim (back when I could still jump!)
    70s denim jacket and vest labeled Denim Works - Dana Point - California
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