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    I found these gorgeous Stuart Weitzman gold mesh heels at a local thrift store and I am so excited about this find! This pair is labeled "Stuart Weitzman for Mr. Seymour" which after some research I found that this was his parent label thus making the shoes potentially older but I also fear that based on how much other people are selling his shoes for that it also cheapens the value of the shoe. I am however new at this and do not know how to determine when the shoe was originally fabricated. I also need to get the heel repaired but do not want to do so until I know the value of the shoe. Can someone please help me figure out what year it was made and most importantly the value of the shoe? Thank you!
    IMG_8737.JPG IMG_8738.JPG IMG_8740.JPG
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    VFG doesn't appraise items but you can find many comparable to determine pricing by searching "Stuart Weitzman for Mr. Seymour." I believe these are 1980s, around 1980-very early1980s but someone like Jonathan will come around, I'm sure.

    I can't read the upside down picture of the sole... where is the shoe made?
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    Mr. Seymour is actually the name of the shoe company his father founded. Stuart took over Mr. Seymour in 1965, sold Mr. Seymour to a larger company in 1971, which took production from the U.S. to Spain. Stuart continued to design for Mr. Seymour, and created a evening wear line called "Stuart Weitzman for Mr. Seymour". In 1986 Stuart, who was becoming well known as a shoe designer, bought back Mr. Seymour and renamed the company Stuart Weitzman and Co., Your shoes are c 1985-86 because of the bow on the back of the heel.
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  5. Cecilia Monge

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    Thank you so so much for your help! This is such a big help! I really appreciate it
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    I have a black pair of heels I recently came across.

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