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  1. Janilyn

    Janilyn Registered Guest

    Casadei - 1980 Dress
    Dellarossa - 1960 Dress
    Fanee - 1950 Dress
    Gianfranco (Miss Bergdorf) 1980 Leather jacket
    Fred Hayman - 1960 Beaded Dress
    Giorgio Beverly Hills - 1960 Edie Dress
    Gracette - 1940 Dress
    Eleanor Green - 1950 Dress
    Helft's Beverly Hills - 1950 Blouse (Owned by Ann Miller)
    House of Shroyers - 1930 Dress

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  2. Janilyn

    Janilyn Registered Guest

    Jerry Guttenberg - 1970 Maxi Dress

    John of CA - 1960 Dress
    Judy Hornby - 1980 Dress
    Magasin Sct. Jorgen - 1960 Coat
    Leo Reinter - 1950 Fur Coat
    M.H. Fine Co - 1960 Gold Duster Jacket
    Burton Miller - 1950 Dress
    Tracy Mills - Custom Outfit worn by Edie in Las Vegas Show
    Manuel - 1980 Vest
    Mendel - Tape Lace Dress (1960?)

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  3. Janilyn

    Janilyn Registered Guest

    Ernest Newman - 1950 Dress
    Nikki Hollywood - 1950 Skirt Suit
    Norman Sacks - 1960 Dress
    Pat Richards - 1980 Lace Dress
    Pave - 1980 Formal Dress
    Rose Taft - 1960 Formal Gown
    Rubin Panis - 1980 Beaded Gown
    Sacony - (Ciella) 1960 Novelty Dress
    H. Schrieier - 1950 Pleated Skirt
    Gene Shelly - 1980? Bead Dress
    Sandy Starkman - 1980 Jacket
    Talmack - 1950 Dress
    Tosca - 1950 Peignoir
    Wayne Diamond - 1950 Dress's.
    If more images are needed please let me know. Thank you~

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  4. themerchantsofvintage

    themerchantsofvintage Administrator Staff Member

    Utah Tailoring Mills late 40s women's suit jacket:
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  5. JamieMigs

    JamieMigs Registered Guest

    Authentic Louis Vuitton French Company label from a 1970s Tote
  6. JamieMigs

    JamieMigs Registered Guest

    Louis Vuitton from a 2000s wool and silk scarf
  7. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

    poirette8.jpg poirette9.jpg poirette10.jpg
    Dolores for Poirette / Promises by Poirette from a 1970s lace-trimmed camisole, I also have the half slip to go with it, same labels, just a different style number
  8. uboparentheses

    uboparentheses Registered Guest

    Sylvain, 4 Blythswood Square, Glasgow. Black silk dress from 1904, information found in Glasgow post office directories where Sylvain is advertised as providing "costume and court". Opened in 1904, moved from the Blythswood Square address in 1921, closed in 1938 :)
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  9. nostalgic*collections

    nostalgic*collections Registered Guest

    50s Jantzen

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  10. Beth Isham

    Beth Isham Registered Guest

    70's ? Lady Arrow Skirt and Blouse Rayon & Metallic Blend
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  11. Beth Isham

    Beth Isham Registered Guest

    Lilli Ann's English Knit 60's
    Paper Tag still attached No clue if it is original to the dress set.
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  12. Circa Vintage

    Circa Vintage Trade Member

    Hello, I have two fake labels today, both from the mid 1970s.

    Fake Biba 70s.jpg
    Fake Biba (probably Australian)

    Fake Hermes.jpg
    Fake Hermes.
  13. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  14. edgertorrr

    edgertorrr Registered Guest

    this is a new one for the liz claiborne label guide...it's the earliest i've EVER seen with her name on it. my guess is early '70s. it's not my skirt, i found it online. second image is the label, first is so you can verify approximate era of skirt.

    m_5a26f20ffbf6f9814c026824.jpg m_5a26f22cc6c795e146026c9d.jpg m_5a26f20ffbf6f9814c026824.jpg m_5a26f22cc6c795e146026c9d.jpg
  15. Lilian

    Lilian Registered Guest


    from a late 1950s Carlye dress :

    3 (2).JPG

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