1. amandainvermont

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    This made me think of Linda.


    These are hand knitted using silk sewing thread instead of yarn and polished surgical wire instead of traditional needles. They are made by Althea Crome who describes herself as a "micro knitter."
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  3. These little works of art are amazing! Thanks for sharing, Amanda. You post the most interesting things. I always check your posts on the forums as I know it will be about something wonderful.
  4. catseyevintage

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    Adorable little sweaters - what patience and skill the artist has.
  5. lindapoirier

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    I saw some of her work in Maysville, KY at the Gateway Museum. They have a large display and collection of miniatures. Her work is really astounding in its detail and amazing in person.
    She also knits gloves. With fingers.
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    I am drooling over these. I will take one for every one of my dollhouse inhabitants, thanks very much!
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