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  1. Esteban Kelly

    Esteban Kelly Registered Guest

    Any info on this pair? Seems to be 30's to me but would like a little bit of clarification. Haven't seen the "Campus Swim-Suits" label before. 20210722_052551.jpg 20210722_052613.jpg 20210722_052623.jpg 20210722_052629.jpg 20210722_052637.jpg 20210722_052641.jpg 20210722_052703.jpg 20210722_052716.jpg 20210722_052754.jpg 20210722_052733.jpg
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  2. mags_rags

    mags_rags VFG Member

    30s looks about right to me, although I am not an expert on men's swimwear. Hopefully others will be along to offer their thoughts.

    It looks to me like Campus Swim Suits was probably a division of the Campus Menswear company (link takes you to our label resource page for Campus). The font used looks quite similar to our earliest label, which is 1950s. Perhaps you might submit your label to be added to the resource
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  3. Late '30s to early '40s I would think, judging by style, colour and type of zipper.

    I found an advert for Campus Swimsuits with Lastex in a 1938 Waco News-Tribune newspaper which sounds about right.

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