Thank you Jonathon!

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  1. lkranieri

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    Perhaps we need to change the title "Ask Ms. Vintage" to "Ask the VFG" or "Ask the Vintage Community" or "Ask the Fashionistas" or, as my husband suggested, "Ask the Moldy Oldies."
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    Oh cool! Nadine is a customer of mine. She was asking me about her shoes and I suspected they were 50's, but suggested she either come to the Public Forums or send a question to Ask Ms. Vintage. Thanks for helping her out Jonathan and Marie!
  3. :puzzled::sniff:
  4. vintageclothesline

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    Wow, that looks great, Marie. Hadn't checked it for awhile.:clapping:

    What would we do without Jonathan!
  5. The Vintage Merchant

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    Marie, you just CRACK me up!:hysterical:

    i LOVE this part of your answer to the next question:

    hee hee hee! love it!!

    and thanks for all your work and dedication for this feature!!:clapping:
  6. Thanks Mary...sadly, 'tis true.
  7. lkranieri

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  8. lkranieri

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    Wow ... I obviously haven't mastered the art of quoting a prior post! Sorry for the confused-looking post.
  9. Jonathan

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    LOL - I'm gay... I don't mind Ms! After all Lassie was actually a Laddie and nobody knew!

    At any rate, I don't care one way or the other, I doubt very much Ms. Manners answers all her questions, and weren't the Landers sisters been for years before their column ended?

    What I realized from answering this however, is that I don't have a pair of plexi heeled shoes in my book and this information never got in... an oversight for sure. I am not 100% sure on all the dates, like when lucite was first made but it was somewhere around 1937... I would have double checked if this info got into my book. I can't believe I missed this... However, I wrote the book chronologically and I have to admit I was tired and in a time crunch by the time I got to the 1950s.

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