The GoGo's: We Got the Beat ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of January 16th

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    From their humble punk beginnings, The Go Go’s were an all girl band like no other. Writing all their own material, their music moved away from punk to develop into what became their signature, guitar-based, L.A. Pop sound. With the charismatic Belinda Carlisle on lead vocals, the band roared up the charts in the early 1980s in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, winning a Grammy by 1982 for Best New Artist. They re-formed in the 1990s, ultimately playing a successful Farewell Tour in 2016.

    The band's fashion aesthetic was based on a quirky mash up of styles: Stripes, prints, vintage with bright colored 1980s-era pieces all combined with touches revealing their punk beginnings. Returning to the early 1980's for this parade, Go-Go wild with this parade, just like the girls did!

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    Cool idea for a Parade!
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    Love Belinda Carlisle!

    80s playsuit/romper pattern McCalls 9104

    80s large gold-tone heart brooch

    More tie fun... colorful 80s-90s Missoni silk tie
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    Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on Hollywood Boulevard - 2011
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    Hop over to our Facebook page to see more videos and featured items from this parade!

    Loads of great shots in this photo-montage set to music:

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  16. I thought you may enjoy seeing some of my visual merchandising (display) photos from this era.
    Back in the 80s, we went over the top with accessories and props.
    This is how it was really worn.

    By the way, I have the orange mini skirt outfit in my personal collection.

    80s display bon ton.jpg

    80s orange outfit display window.jpg

    80s mickey display.jpg
    note the stirrup leggings and oversize layered tees.
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    I think I had that orange mini skirt suit, myself !
    Oh, and the same hairdo!

    Great photos - really evoking the spirit of the era, Suzanne.

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