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    My name is Linda and I am a Mary Maximaholic!

    Pull up a chair and let me fill up your glass. Share your stories and sweaters.

    I recently found some vintage Mary Maxim 4 Ply "Cloudspun" wool!! I am over the top with joy. I thought it was Lotus Blue at first.


    It feels so thick and lush. Amazing! At first I thought it was the colour used in my Oil Derrick sweater.


    However, I know the wool in the Oil Derrick is 4 ply "Northland" wool. Danube Blue, in fact.


    In fact the Lotus Blue seems more likely for my Beef Cow/Bull sweater.


    Yet, there are flecks of grey in the Bull sweater. They did "Tweed" or "Mix" colours so I think it was a Danube Blue Tweed/Mix??

  2. lindapoirier

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    There are a bunch of Mary Maxim sweaters I never thought I would own because I found the designs kind of humdrum. Colour. Colour proves me wrong all the time.

    I never thought I would want this Mary Maxim "Thunderbird" pattern No. 403 sweater.


    I have only every seen plain white backgrounds with brown or black details. Then I came across this sweater.


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  3. lindapoirier

    lindapoirier Registered Guest

    Second example of colour changing my mind about a pattern. "Hiawatha" pattern No. 409.


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  6. lindapoirier

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    Stella Sawchyn created the very first pattern for Willard and Olive McPhedrain in 1945. The "Reindeer" No. 400 (adult's) and No. 450 (child's).

    Another sweater that I never wanted to own. It is ubiquitous and kind of humdrum. Normally, knit like this.


    Sometimes in blue.


    Then I found this one. I could not resist. Hunting at night!?!? Blood red deer??? Too wonderful to resist.


  7. lindapoirier

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    The only other sweater I have that I would have never thought is "Wild Duck" No. 430.


    Most normally knit like the suggested advertising.


    Mine is somewhat bizarre in the black. Again, I thought, "ducks flying at night???"


  8. amandainvermont

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    Wow - crazy colors Linda.

    Well, I finally won a Mary Maxim sweater on eBay - not a high price because it has some soiling and at least one hole, but I think that's all fixable. Very Vermont. Regular holstein colors on the back - but red cows on the front. Red toned holsteins are quite popular now! I may end up fixing it up and giving it to a farmer friend.
    s-l1600-1.jpg pdl446.jpg
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  9. lindapoirier

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    So fantastic!!! We had one only ever in the farm. We called her red, of course. Great price. I knew you'd find one.

    The flaws are not going to be difficult to fix. Great seller for pointing them out, though.

    I am happy you found one you like.
  10. lindapoirier

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    The colours of the spectrum!! I don't have a violet Mary Maxim yet and that yellow isn't Mary Maxim. If anyone recognizes the pattern, please let me know?

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  11. The Vintage Vendeuse

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    I love this thread, Linda! :wub:

    A Mary Maxim store was located just 45 minutes north of me in Port Huron, MI and I wish I'd visited it more often. It closed only few months ago.
  12. lindapoirier

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    I got this, thinking it was a real Cowichan ($13.99) - Value Village) but it is a company called Kanata that started in 1979 with , I guess, the same admiration and reverence for Cowichans and Mary Maxim that I have because I see from there website and google images that they make hybrids of Cowichan and Mary Maxim sweaters!

    First my new to me" Kanata sweater. I like the wood burnt buttons!



    Here is a version of their hybrid Mary Maxim Wolf/Cowichan.



    Edit. It seems like there is always something to learn about sweaters!!!
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  13. lindapoirier

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    I got this for $0.99 on EBay! Sure it's 80s but it was ninety-nine cents! It used the trees from the reindeer pattern with the train pattern!!


  14. amandainvermont

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  15. lindapoirier

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    $59.99 for the oil derrick and $4.99 for the plaid, both Ebay. I love the oil derrick because it is absolutely huge. Fitting like s 1930s coat!

  16. amandainvermont

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    Terrific! Glad I wasn't bidding against you :)
  17. lindapoirier

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    No one else bid on either sweater.
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    Still loving this thread. The train one is awesome.
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    Ok, so from this thread I was able to recognize how fab sweaters can be.
    Out in the wild I found these. Matching his/her I assume.
    Need help though. Did this company make Mary Maxim sweaters? I thought they were just patterns to knit for some reason.
    Thanks for any help. Both have this label.
    His zips up.

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