The sweetest little sewing kit

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  1. Midge

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    I never got around to sharing this... one of my flea market finds from my trip to Vienna last year. Darling little faux leather kit marked "D-Zug-Begleiter" (companion for your intercity train journey) that folds out into the perfect little sewing kit. It even has perlon (nylon) thread in all the essential colors to darn your stockings with, and the "finest silk darning needles for for stockings and lingerie" by Prym. I guess this is from the 50s. I am going to keep it just because it is so sweet... and I wish I had a sewing kit this practical for my own trips! I do have one that I put together in what was actually a small manicure kit, but it's never as as good - or as pretty. Still, I never travel without it!


    sewingkit2.jpg sewingkit3.jpg
  2. The Vintage Merchant

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    that is one of the best little sewing kits I've seen, Karin! sweet!
  3. It is the "sweetest", Karin, but then, I'm a sucker for anything plaid! Don't blame you at all for keeping it....I would, too!
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