The White Shirt ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of October 23rd

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    An Uber-Classic piece of clothing, this week we celebrate the wardrobe staple for both men and women. Sometimes referred to as the white dress shirt for men, we include white blouses which is the vintage counterpart for women.

    For men, prior to the 18th century, white shirts used to be considered an undergarment, designed to be kept hidden under waist coats and jackets with only the collars and cuffs visible. In those days, collars and cuffs were detachable from the body of the shirt, as they were the exposed part of the shirt and needed to be washed more frequently (courtesy, In modern day, the glory of the white shirt is often fully-exposed and always looks right, no matter how it's worn.

    Please parade out starched or un-starched whites -- with or without frills and ruffles, collars and cuffs, as we remember that The White Shirt can be not only versatile, but also the best unisex garment in our closets.

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    I don't have any white shirts for sale right now but just wanted to comment on the Bogie and Bacall pic from Key Largo - I just rewatched that movie yesterday for the umpteenth time.
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    Don't they look cool in their white shirts!

    Collars, cuffs and dickeys are welcome in this parade, too. . .shall we say they would be the faux blancs to emulate the white shirt look?
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    I love this lightweight mesh-type fabric men's shirt with embroidered dragon on the pocket

    At Etsy, a 70s eyelet fabric over-sized shirt

    And for the ironic hipster in all of us, a snap-front blouse by Lady Champion, with two sewn-on patches, one 4H, the other Holly Hobbie ("It's nice to be wanted").
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