Three vintage purses!

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    I took advantage of a 50% off sale at a really nice thrift store and got these three purses last week!

    1) Meeker leather handbag:

    Info I've found so far: The Meeker Company & some more company history. I know for sure it's not the superbly detailed hand tooled leather that Meeker became famous for in the earth 20th century, but besides that, I don't have enough knowledge to judge more. 40s/50s? The hardware had gone green in places - brass?

    The zipper inside the purse says SERVAL, which has led me to some interesting websites about zipper history but nothing definitive either.

    2) Holly Hobbie Box Purse (no labels, based on imagery)

    (the ladybug is so cute!)


    I've seen a lot of decoupaged ones when searching, but nothing with this sort of 3D effect in the lucite. 70s, I think?

    3) Needlepoint tiny purse - no labels. Hardware looks older but isn't too tarnished.


    Looking forward to your comments and ideas!
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    I can't tell you much about your other bag or the Meeker bag itself, but here's what I found about Meeker Co.:

    From a 'Bag Lady University' blog post:
    From a Kovels collector question:
    From a Missouri Digital Heritage article:
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    Thanks! I found the same sources myself by googling "Meeker Company" and I thought I'd managed to link to them in my post, but now that I look back at it, the links definitely didn't work. Oops! Thanks for sharing them more clearly!

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