Timeless Kimono Style ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of February 27th

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    Translated literally as “thing to wear," the Kimono is instantly recognizable as the epitome of Japanese fashion. Traditional Japanese long sleeved outer robes with varying lengths of wide sleeves are made in a wide array of fabrics and patterns. Worn by men and women of all ages, Kimonos range from extremely formal to casual and can be either a rainbow of dazzling colors and artistry or the simplest woven cotton. Antique and vintage examples can be highly collectible or cherished family heirlooms; framed, used as wall-hangings, and even for political propaganda, or simply worn in the boudoir: Kimonos are truly a unique art form.

    This week show us your kimonos of all types, haoris (short jacket), obis, wide sash belts inspired by obis, kimono sleeved blouses, sweaters and dresses too!

  2. 20s-30sblackkimono03.jpg
    1930s Black Silk Crepe Kimono Robe With Hand Embroidered Flowers Made in Japan

    1950s Silk Kimono Robe Peach Floral Print Made in Japan

    japanrobe copy.jpg
    1950s Kimono Robe Blue Printed Silk Made in Japan

    My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane

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    No kimonos here (though I repaired one today, but that one is staying here :)) but some patterns with kimono-inspired features:

    Obi-like belt:
    1960s halterneck dress pattern with wide sash belt Vogue 7594

    Kimono sleeves:
    1940s day dress pattern Simplicity 2764

    1960s day dress pattern Butterick 9172

    1960s A-line dress pattern Simplicity 7979

    1980s tunic and pant pattern Vogue Internationa Designers 2702 by Versace
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    Made in Japan Black Satin 1940s Embroidered Oriental Pajama Set, Slippers, Robe & Gift Box w Mirror
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