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  1. MsMaisy

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    I'm not having any luck with dating this label. It's on a dress that is crisp & new looking but I can't find any similar " recent" dresses with the straps, embroidered fabric or the same label! Any thoughts?
    It's Tori Richard. I've seen a few men's shirts labeled " vintage" with the label but no luck with anyone listing the time frame. Really cute dress!!! I'm taking a photo...
    Any ideas?

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  2. The Vintage Merchant

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    good morning, MsMaisy!

    that is a super cute dress!

    Tori Richards is a well established Hawaiian brand known for their mens aloha shirts. They are still manufacturing, and have a website that has an interesting section on the history of their company.

    I moved from Honolulu in the late 90s and do not recall seeing any women's wear by Tori at that time, so I checked, and they say:
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  4. MsMaisy

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    It really is a cute dress!! I'm struggling because I've seen earlier dresses (70s) that look kind of like its cut/style but can't find any more recent (post 2002) that look anything all like it! I've probably melted google, safari, etc by putting in all the combinations of type, fabric, lines etc.
    I would just assume recent, especially because it seems so new, but the newer dresses look so different and the tag seems to look the same as the men's shirts from the "vintage" time and not the recent. Maybe it was just the oddball? And a mystery.
  5. The Vintage Merchant

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    the fiber label is another clue for you: the overall look of it and the use of spandex (definitely not 60s or 70s), plus it's made in China, all indicate more recent manufacture, not vintage.
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    Thank you!!

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