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Type of Furs on a vintage short coat

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Lisa W, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Lisa W

    Lisa W Registered Guest

    [​IMG] Fur Coat 1.jpg Fur Coat pic 2.jpg [​IMG] Hey there,

    My grandma has a fur coat that was given to her after her mother passed. She believes it was from the 60's but could be 50's. I would like to know and so would she what type of fur it is made of as the collar is different then the jacket itself. Any help would be much appreciated to know a bit of history behind my great grandmothers coat. Thanks
    I'm not sure how to send the photo's
    Item 598
    MD 5365
    Eaton's of Canada
    Fur Salon

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  2. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi and welcome to the forums. I can see your photos so you were able to post them. Could you please also post an image of the Eaton's label, as that may help with dating?
  3. Lisa W

    Lisa W Registered Guest

    Hey, I added 2 more photo's to the original message. One of the label and another of the sleeve ruffles, there is also the same ruffles around the neck on the inside of the jacket. Thanks
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  4. Lisa W

    Lisa W Registered Guest

    Any word on the jacket? Have any luck
  5. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

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