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Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by laurarperez, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    My friend gave me this suit for my husband. It is in like new condition and I thought it was a newer suit. But I found a label and also written in ink on the inside the name "Bert Macho, Thompson Falls". I researched the Bert Macho and it appears he was born 1877 and died 1962. In the pocket of his suit I found gum wrappers, a ticket to a concert, wrapped toothpicks, and matches. I'm interested to find out when this suit was made and also how much it might be worth. I would have my husband wear it for our upcoming official wedding but it won't fit him :(
    Pics are included of suit and contents of pockets
  2. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    This is a two piece with the pants I just didn't take the picture of the pants.
  3. Vinclothes

    Vinclothes Alumni +

    eBay has a Menswear, UGWA Clothing Labels Guide in Reviews and Guides.

  4. sMarie

    sMarie Registered Guest

    I'm nostalgic, so I think it's cool that you found all of those things in the pockets...
  5. GlutenFreeGirl

    GlutenFreeGirl Registered Guest

    ooooh I love clove gum! (bottom left hand corner of photo #5)
  6. jauntyrooster

    jauntyrooster Alumni

    How do that pants close - zip? Can you show any and all other labels? Is there a tailor's tag anywhere?

    The union label isn't too much help. There is sort of a generic UGWA label that has been used forever. There are also a couple with more info on them that help date but I don't see that info on your label.
  7. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    I posted new pictures of the suit, the pants, the closure of the pants, the inside of the Jacket. All of the numbers are pictures taken of the inside of the pants. I don't know if they are relevant or not. I hope that helps!
  8. jauntyrooster

    jauntyrooster Alumni

    I am wondering if it is 1940s. There are some others here who will know for certain. Very cool and good luck.
  9. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    30s maybe...

    The button up pants and high button stance of the jacket make me think so. Label looks older too.
  10. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    Did you look inside the breast pocket for a tailor's tag? There is almost always one in that pocket from this era, although they aren't always filled out. My guess would be postwar 40s judging by the wide lapels, turn-ups on the trousers, and black rayon jacket and sleeve lining, although I would expect black buttons on the jacket for postwar as well as a zipper fly, but button flies were optional, and if that is the same Bert Macho, then he was around 70 and probably went with older styling.

    It looks like someone was wearing it in 1957, but I just somehow don't see an 80 year old guy wearing this suit in 1957 to a dance at the BC Athletic club...
  11. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    I researched the guy Bert Macho. If he went to the concert in 1957 (the ticket stub form his pocket) then he was 80! And this suit doesn't look like its ever been washed. Its in Mint condition! Crisp and clean :)
  12. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    I know 80 and going out dancing :) My grandma would...but well she's one of a kind!
    There was another Bert Macho from Thompson Falls he graduated in the class of 1933. He would have been in his 40's iin 1957. (that is if people graduated around 18 back then)
  13. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    What makes me think your suit is older is the label. Most suits, that I have seen past the 30s would have "Amalgamated Clothing Workers instead of UGWA

    1895 - The United Garment Workers of America (UGWA) was founded in New York City in 1891, and joined the American Federation of Labor (AFL). This was an organization of men's tailors.

    1914 - a group of dissatisfied members broke away from the more conservative UGWA to form the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (ACWA). AFL refused to recognize this new union.

    1933 - ACWA affiliated with AFL and agreed to use UGWA labels

    1936 - ACWA left AFL and joined CIO, reinstated its own label copyright 1936..

    1955 - December 5, AFL merged with CIO.

    This is some info from the ebay guide by Ikwewe


    Here are some scans of mens suits catalogs from 35-42

    courstesy of the Fedora Lounge

  14. jauntyrooster

    jauntyrooster Alumni

    This is only my very very (did I mention very) humble opinion but I am not sure that the UGWA label is too helpful dating this suit. This one doesn't have the AFL or AFL-CIO references that help narrow down the date. It appears the plain UGWA label has been in use from 1913 - 2000.

    I am sure you have all already seen it but there is a specific Ebay guide on the UGWA label - separate from ACWA.

    Here is the label in my 1950s dinner jacket - I originally thought it looked much older until I started researching.

  15. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    Well darn it! Bert Macho send me a clue!:help:
  16. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    Are there any collectors for these kinds of suits? Or people interted in them at all?
    If I were to list this on Etsy (I have a little shop) what would I list it as (besides a vintage suit )
  17. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    I dont think that particular UGWA label was actually used up until 2000. Maybe that is when the trademark was canceled on it.

    All the post mid 70s suits I have come across have the ACTWU label on them. Later ones might be UNITE.

    EDIT: Yes there is a pretty good market for vintage suits, especially pre 50s.

    If the pants have suspender buttons, (inside the waist band) that might also be a clue that it is earlier. Also look for a watch pocket.
  18. jauntyrooster

    jauntyrooster Alumni

    I have never seen on recent suit either - 100% agree with you. The UGWA label was around in one form or another until at least 1994-1995 or even into 2000 depending on which source you believe - but I haven't seen anything past the 1950s.

    Please know my post was only meant as a comment on the label and I only chimed in because I have researched it so much in last weeks for some of my own suits. You guys are the experts at dating based upon garment characterstics.
  19. laurarperez

    laurarperez Registered Guest

    It has four buttons along the front waist band, and where would I look for a watch pocket?
  20. cactusandcattails

    cactusandcattails VFG Member

    LOL...I am not an expert by any means! And what I know, I have learned from here and research.

    Just looking at the high button stance on the jacket, the peaked lapels, the button fly pants, the suspender buttons, the label, all seem to indicate this is an older suit.

    Having said that, I wouldnt deny it could be later...40s or even early 50s. Discussion is good!

    We do have some mens wear experts here, hopefully they will chime in.

    Laura, the watch pocket is usually in the front, right of the fly (I think). with the small opening right at the bottom of the waistline seam. Its a very small flat pocket.

    Not having a watch pocket doesn't really say that much, but just thought it might have one.

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