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    I hope everyone is well. Times are scary and strange. I've been going through some inventory while I'm quarantined and wanted to put up some better photos of this piece to try and generate some more discussion. I did post it before but didn't really come up with anything. Does this have a era style to you? Pattern that looks reminiscent of anything? I think it's a pretty special piece. It belonged to a textile collector who had some great items. I also bought the 1850s embroidered bodice from her collection. The belt at the bottom has snap closures in the back and a gold lame tassel. Shirt has hand stitching and some machine stitching. The hand stitching is very tiny and precise. A button loop at the back of the neck. Silk material. Slits on the side, puffed/pleated shoulders. I'm not sure why but I'm leaning 1920s. The pattern isn't familiar to me though. Has a tribal feel to it or ethnic? The length of the blouse isn't quite long enough for that belt so I'm not sure if it had a another piece to it at one point. Thoughts? Thank you!

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    I still think its a Finnish or Scandinavian costume piece. Maybe 1930s with the shoulders...
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    Thank you! I will do some googling in my quarantine using those words :)
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    I have been looking a bit and came across these images of traditional dress of the Yukat people (Siberia). This particular design looks very similar - the part on the wrists. Thoughts? It may be impossible to narrow down. I don't see many similar designs from Finnish/Scandinavian however. They seem more floral and less tribal looking to me. hmm.
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