Versace Tessuto T-Shirt Real or Fake

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    Hello, I just picked up this Versace T-Shirt and I would like to know if it's real or fake
    I tried my best to find a guide to authenticating shirts but I couldn't find one

    The CLG code checks out but some of the stitching has me worried
    I'm not sure if it is because of wear or if it is fake
    The shirt is textured in the black spots which seems like it would be hard to fake
    It feels like a quality shirt
    I've attached images below

    Here is an imgur album with the images:
  2. JohnS

    JohnS Registered Guest

  3. poppysvintageclothing

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    We cannot authenticate items here. You can get in touch with the company that holds the RN number which from the number that appears on the label is
    SCANIA IMPORTS U.S.A. CORP. They are an importer distributor.

    Also you can check it with the certilogo CLG number...go to their website, it is on the label as well. I tried but it should be done by you as I cannot honestly reply to their questions. I had never noticed this company before on a label, I think this is a relatively new system, so your tshirt must be relatively new but it does help with brand that seems a good route to take.
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