Very confusing ACWA Canada label? Schiffer Hillman? Crombie? Help!

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    Hey I have this coat with a ACWA label and I cannot figure this out for the life of me. What do I got here exactly? The coat would make me think the 70s however someone looked up the number CA 00866 and it was registered to Hillman in 1997? How does that make any sense? Hillman company opened up a long time ago in Canada, are they still around? Any help is appreciated!
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    Crombie are a UK company that have been going since 1805. We did a Fashion show with them recently
    Their history is very long. They are now a clothing label owning Crombie and Tommy Nutter , and selling through 3 UK stand alone stores plus retailers sch as Harrods, but in historical terms they were suppliers of the fabrics from their mills. They invented the term 'tweed'. They also provided cloth for the Confederate army, and both Ronald Regan and Gorbachev when they met were wearing 'Crombies'. The term has become synonymous in the UK with any quality classic wool and cashmere coat with a velvet collar, but it has to have the Crombie logo or this 'cloth by Crombie' label to be real or have kudos. So yours can be said to be a genuine Crombie. Their own coats now are about $1200 . Such fabric is around $100 a metre plus. So value this heritage and walk tall in it! Crombie is the best ! The style every tailor worldwide would know and has changed little since the 60s in this style and they still do the 1930's 'King' double breates coat and even the Great War iconic soldier's coat. :) Tours is Canadian tailor by the looks of it making in a classic Crombie style with their fabrics.

    Steam it gently, with a steamer or iron held no closer than 10 inches or hang it in the bathroom when its steamy. And maybe get a seamstress to put a velvet collar on the top part. It is worth the investment in.

    You will see several Crombie current collection in the video
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