VFG member Gayle MacGregor in "The Age"!

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    Australian newspaper "The Age" did a front page story in its Saturday arts section this week, on the costumes made for a debut stage production there of "Shakespeare in Love".

    The article has a wonderful photo of VFG trade member Gayle MacGregor, who's been working on the production, standing alongside an exquisite Elizabethan costume, and there are several paragraphs featuring her contribution to the show.

    Bravo, Gayle! :drinkingtoast:

    Read the article...
  2. Metro Retro Vintage

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  3. Wonderful article and lovely photo of Gayle! Congratulations on such a fine accomplishment!
  4. The Vintage Merchant

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    she had a link to it in one of her facebook posts...hang on....here it is! MAGNIFICENT!


  5. poppysvintageclothing

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  6. Metro Retro Vintage

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  7. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    Congratulations Gayle! Very impressive indeed! :drinkingtoast:
  8. cmpollack

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    There's a link at the bottom of my post, Laura, but I see Mary has posted a much more visible one for you!
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  9. northstarvintage

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    That is wonderful Gayle!
  10. Thanks, Mary, for posting the photo this amazing creation!
  11. Vinclothes

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    Incredible work. We are so proud of you.
  12. amandainvermont

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    Gayle - You are TERRIFIC! Great work and Photos.
  13. Midge

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  14. RanchQueen

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    I love articles that shine a light on the talent behind the scenes! Congratulations, Gayle!
  15. thespectrum

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