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Victorian? I Cannot Tell!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by dorotheascloset, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. dorotheascloset

    dorotheascloset Registered Guest

    Very heavy wool, lots of serious seaming (what is it called when the seams are finished like this?). The shape and feel of it seems very old to me but the buttons confuse me....they almost look plastic, but feel a little differently. They look tortoise shell-esque and the backs are pocked and mottled with more black and brown than gold like the fronts. No label of course. Any ideas?





    (it will button, just not on my manni).

    Thanks! Ang
  2. I don't know but its STUNNING...
  3. dorotheascloset

    dorotheascloset Registered Guest

    Thanks! I wish it fit me....actually, I just wish I was small enough to wear it! Would open up a whole world of wardrobe possibilities here in my shop!

  4. THUD - that is an amazing jacket!
  5. missproper

    missproper Alumni

    Oooh, very nice! :wub:
  6. Coutureallure

    Coutureallure Alumni

    The seams are topstitched. Can we see a close-up of the buttons?
  7. dorotheascloset

    dorotheascloset Registered Guest

    Thanks. So when the outer textile is bright in and folded over the lining, then edged with another heavy fabric to finish, its top stitched?

    Here is a button


  8. Amazing jacket! Incredible condition if it is Victorian - can you tell if it's a nicely made costume piece? Do all the fabrics look authentic? It's possible that it's as old as that and the buttons have been replaced at some point? As you know, it was common for people to remove buttons before discarding an unwanted clothing item so someone else could have done the best they could with matching later on. Or - the original buttons could have been damaged or some were missing....

  9. dorotheascloset

    dorotheascloset Registered Guest

    Feels older, the wool has that feel to it.....hope that makes sense. I thought these were plastic buttons at first but now I wonder if they are maybe antler or something? Tortoiseshell? The backs look pretty rough for plastic.


  10. crinolinegirl

    crinolinegirl Alumni

    Yup, it's turn of the century- a 1899- 1901 cusper :)
  11. JulieW

    JulieW Alumni

    This is just glorious....
  12. pastperfect2

    pastperfect2 Alumni +

    It's hard to tell with it open, but it sure looks 1898 - 1903. The wool has been flat lined to the plaid and the edges neatened by wrapping the wool around the edge of the plaid. Then seams are sewn and then topstitched for both sturdiness as well as style. This way the jacket looks neat on the inside without a third layer of lining that would get in the ways of all that topstitched finish. The buttons look like bone, which was used for a lot of practical, hard wearing buttons. Or they could be casein or one of the other early plastics.

    There may well have been a matching skirt to make this a town or walking suit.

  13. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    Wow, Hollis, that explanation of the construction was fascinating! I'm saving it -- for when I find a jacket just like that. (I can't find the danged little smiley that's just a normally laughing face, but picture in your mind that it's right here.)

  14. cmpollack

    cmpollack VFG Member


    that is SO beautiful... such incredible construction, and it's wonderful to have Hollis' explanation of what's going on with it...

    MC, you have competition looking for a jacket just like Ang's!


    (I found the smiley!)
  15. Velvetsage

    Velvetsage Registered Guest


    It reminds me of the earliest Edwardian touches as well. That Powder pidgeon shape. I had a jacket that was very similar. I assumed it was part of a riding habit. What a nice jacket you have ! Mine had odd stitching. Kind of what I called "beveled".
  16. dorotheascloset

    dorotheascloset Registered Guest

    Fantastic, thanks guys!! And that is a perfect description of how it looks inside. There are some buttons inside that I would imagine buttoned to a skirt to make it a suit?

    Here's another jacket from the same source......


  17. claireshaeffer

    claireshaeffer VFG Member

    Ang, can you show a close up of the seams--both the side you see and the underside?

    It's just gorgeous! Claire
  18. Velvetsage

    Velvetsage Registered Guest


    You are making me crazy ! I dream about such coats. You find them without moth munches. I am envious, but please carry on. :hiya:
  19. APrizeEveryTime

    APrizeEveryTime VFG Special Friend

    (Pssst, velvetsage, I believe it's pouter pigeon ... )

    I can't help myself. I'm a copy editor! Forgive me.

  20. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing VFG Board Member Staff Member VFG Past President

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