Vintage/Antique Garnet & Silver Ring

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    I'm pretty sure this was something my Nana left for me but it was a long time ago and there were quite a few items of jewellery, I don't recall ever seeing her wear this one. I'm unsure if it is antique or vintage.

    It is a very large size which would lead me to believe it is a mans dress ring rather than a ladies. Also I could not find a silver mark? or any mark at all though the stones are clearly garnet and marcasite and I find it odd that they would be set in anything else.

    Does anyone have any ideas of date for this lovely ring? Or any info about it? that would be marvellous. I also have a pair of earring that I'd like to find out about but will create a separate thread for that.

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  2. GemGem

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    Thank you! Hoping we have some jewellery experts here!
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    Such a pretty Bohemian garnet ring, GemGem. Very classic. I see a table on the center stone, and believe I'm seeing a rose cut or rivoli cut on the surrounding stones. I imagine that the mark inside the band has worn away over time, which is not unusual. Perhaps early 20th century, but wait for more eyes to take a look.
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    Thanks so much! I know its not the highest quality and probably not holding a great deal of monetary value but I do think its very pretty too!

    Really hope someone can nail the period its from, and really value your input!
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    Giving this a little bump. I understand how busy everyone is with so many questions to answer on wonderful vintage finds!

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