Vintage Christmas and Vintage Mom

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    That was fun. As a child I never saw anybody who had a "fake" tree - they were all fresh.
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  3. The Vintage Merchant

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    so good! thanks for finding and sharing, Lynne!
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  5. lindapoirier

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    I bought new fake this year. I have a few mid-century silver trees but got this new PINK tree!!! Lots of vintage mercury glass and brand new "glass". New glass has such whimsy. Beer mugs, space shuttles, rockets, robots, Atari, mermaids, bananas, etc. Mercury glass garland and two old strings of lights- bubble lights and flicker lights!!!!

    I had to drive 1 1/2 hours to the nearest store and I got $200 off because it was the floor model.


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  7. thespectrum

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    Fun pix, thanks! In the late 50s/early 60s I lived in a home that was as modern (Danish Modern) as Mad Men. My parents had the silver tree and the color wheel.
    My first Christmas on my own I had a real tree. After I started being a cat lady I had to give up trees. They took all of the ornaments off, they climbed them and they drank the tree water.
    When my husband was in college he bought a peach flocked tree for his apartment and left it up until March.
  8. lkranieri

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    Thank you all for the kind and enthusiastic comments. Love your pink tree lindapoirier!

    Did anyone notice the color wheel at ceiling height in the fourth photo? It took me a minute to realize what that was.
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  9. denisebrain

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    Whoa, Linda, we have a pink tree as well! We're still working on conked-out lights this year (spent all day yesterday :rolleyes:) but here's last year's! tree2017.jpg

    Also, last year I dug up this photo of my mother in the 40s with her Christmas tree. Awfully blurry, but still...I love her shoes!


    Does anyone else look at old candid photos like those in the piece Lynne posted and scour for things you've actually sold or owned?
  10. lindapoirier

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    Yes, I keep hope to find one for my aluminium tree. My favourite is the white tree with the white dress!!! Stunning.


    Thanks for the positive feedback on my pink tree.

    Edit. We posted around the same time so I missed your pink too!!! Fantastic. And, gorgeous mom photo. I am so keen to find a pack of vintage tinsel!!! Do they even make tinsel nowadays???
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  11. lindapoirier

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    Possibly the best thing for Christmas, I have ever found. Feather Tree!

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    Old tinsel was high in lead - probably not good for pets and small children who might pick up fragments and eat it, but hung beautifully and reflected the lights like nothing else. I had 4 or 5 boxes I found in an old dingy 5 & dime store while vacationing in Florida 3o+ years ago - for years, I would apply strand by strand and then carefully remove the same way and store wrapped in muslin for the following year. Even with breakage, I could salvage about 75%. Eventually, it started to feel too OCD and I stopped using it. Not sure if I still have what's left in a holiday box somewhere or not.

    Modern tinsel is not worth the trouble IMO. Plastic, no crinkle to it, and it floats in a breeze. ignoreemoti
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  13. thespectrum

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    My personal Christmas tree in 1949 and the family tree the same year:
  14. Robin of Frocksley

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    Love all the vintage Christmas stuff!!!

    As far as tinsel goes, I have a treasured vintage metallic gold garland in "well loved" condition.

    Here's a pic of it on my fireplace mirror!
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