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    From a mid to late 1960's silk dress:


    Leonard Arkin founded his company in 1927. He manufactured suits, coats, and dresses for daytime and cocktail hour. Mr. Arkin was a director of the Fashion Originator's Guild. The company specialized in interpretations of Paris originals for the moderate to bridge market. Chester Weinberg designed for the company in the early 1950's. By 1960, Leonard's son Andrew had joined the business and the company produced 4 labels: Leonard Arkin, Andrew Arkin, Special Editions by Anne Fogarty, and Special Occasions. They were producing 500,000 garments a year in 39 plants in New Jersey and New York with 1200 employees. The company disappeared from media mention in 1969, but it is unclear when it went out of business.
  2. Coutureallure

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    More info on Abe Schrader:

    The company started as Arkin & Schrader. The name was changed to Abe Schrader, Inc. in September 1953.

    In 1958, Abe Schrader started a new division called Mort Schrader which produced dresses for younger women. It was headed by Mr. Schrader's son Mort.
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    Gino Charles from a late 60s brocade mini dress:

    Thanks to VFGers, MS (thespectrum), Lynn (lkranieri) and MC (APrizeEveryTime) we now know that Gino Charles started in 1966 and was a joint venture between Teal (Gino) Trania and Malcolm (Charles) Starr.

    Bio to follow but as MC suggested perhaps we should include this label under TT and MS on the resource.

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    From a late 1960's evening gown.


    The Dynasty Salon was located in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. The Dynasty label was established in 1953, when designer Dora Sanders started manufacturing clothing sized and styled for Americans who were traveling in Asia. By 1959, Dynasty clothing was sold by 600 stores in the US and was the leading fashion exporter in Asia. Sanders cleverly let important US department stores like Neiman Marcus, I. Magnin, and Lord & Taylor have exclusive rights to new styles for 6 months before the designs were sold directly to customers in Hong Kong.

    In 1964, Dynasty hired a new designer, Urleene Chaplain, and she started to use materials other than the fine Asian silks the company had used exclusively up to that point. Italian couturier Patrick de Barentzen joined the Dynasty design team in 1966. During that year, the company opened its first retail store in London.

    That's it. Mentions of Dynasty disappear after 1969. I can't find any further information about the company.
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    I think I have several labels not on resource list:

    From a late '70's wrap dress:

    Store label from a '50's shirtwaist - Harzfeld's Kansas City:


    Label on the inside waist of the dress - :


    This reads: This is your Calif. Shirt Dress - Holly Hoelscher

    From a '50's two piece skirt and blouse set:


    From a '50's "Wiggle Dress" - probably a store label:


    Sorry the last one is a little blurry. There may be more but that's it for now!

  6. Linn

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    One more:

    From a '50's Rayon Day Dress:

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    From 1950s Frank Gallant Suit:

    <img src=>

    And more Bio Information:

    Frank Gallant: A manufacturer of women’s suits and coats, the company was founded by Frank Gallant in 1916. Gallant’s son Herbert joined the company in 1945, and became president in 1955. Tom Brigance was the designer as of 1951, and stayed in to the 1960s. Frank Gallant died 1965. In 1965, the head designer was Martin Unger, who moved to Zelinka-Matlick that year. Frank Gallant, Inc. sold women’s coats and suits such stores as Saks, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, De Pinna, and Altman’s. The company name was changed to Gallant International in 1968. They held licenses for Cardin Coats starting in 1976, and also had the Geoffrey Beene for Gallant line. Robert Gallant became president in 1998. Herbert Gallant died 2007.

    Sources: NY Times, Fairchild Publications.

    Also more info on Jablow if you can use it:


    founded 1931 by George Jablow , and carried on by his son Arthur. A well regarded coat and suit wholesaler. They closed in 1966, the same year they added a young division, the ‘Jabs’ line. The designer from at least 1958 - 1966 was David Kidd. Kidd went on to the Barberini division of Originala in 1966, then to Marquise by 1969. Kidd died in 1981.

    And Sacony:
    <img src=>
    Sacony: a mid priced line of women’s and children’s apparel , bathing suits and beachwear and the Sacony Palm Beach Apparel label . Sacony was part of the S. Augstein Co, Inc., founded in 1890. The label in use for beachwear by 1938, and for the Palm Beach line by 1941.

    Oh - and I don't think we need to include this, but Arhtur Jablow married Bernice Rentner, daughter of Maurice.

  8. pinky-a-gogo

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    thanks! got them all we are going to use up to this point so feel free to delete your images if you want!!
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    Puritan Forever Young from a late '30s floral crepe dress.


    The "Puritan" is under the top - if you'd like a clearer pic please let me know and I'll get the iron out and press the fabric back.

    The words under "Forever Young" are "all that the name implies"

  10. Circa Vintage

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    David Jones labels from a mens dinner suit 1941 (you can see the date on the second label)




    PS, I have lots more labels to load, especially David Jones ones so we should be able to fill out that entry a bit.
  11. Circa Vintage

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    I have a question - today I photographed about 25 labels from garments in my shop. Most are Australian labels, some others may be English or American. Apart from the three above (DJs, Forever Young), none have entries in the label resource - are you interested in other labels or are they likely to be too minor to be of interest?

    I have thousands of other labels too, and will keep posting them here if they already have an entry in the Resource, but I know that most won't.

  12. themerchantsofvintage

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    Early 80s Versace dress:

    Early 80s Anne Klein dressy coat:
  13. pinky-a-gogo

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    Hi Nicole--i would say, if the australian labels you have are from well known companies or companies that produced decent quality items, please post them here and we can make an entry for them.

    The only reason there isn't an entry is because nobody has submitted that label :D

  14. Circa Vintage

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    Thanks Pinky - I'll get on to it. In particular I'd like to submit Merivale. Merivale was to Australia what Biba was to the UK - gorgeous, cutting edge and highly collectible. I'd also like to add Prue Acton as she was a similar designer from the '60s and '70s. I'll send some info and labels through soon. I'm sure there will be others as well.

  15. Circa Vintage

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    Here's a list of the labels I photographed yesterday - if you'd like me to post any of them let me know. Most are from '50s dresses, some are '60s or '70s. Assume probably Australian unless I mention.

    - ActiviTee (US?)
    - Styled by David for Tosol Fashions
    - David Collins (mens suit so probably a local manufacturer/tailor)
    - Devonshire Lady (UK or US?)
    - Flair (local menswear label, very trendy in the '60s-'70s)
    - GrathElms
    - H & T Creations
    - Heather Lyn
    - I. M. Martin (very nice quality)
    - Ivan Hamilton
    - John Goold (trendy Aust label '60s-'70s)
    - Jon Savada (Aust tailor?)
    - Kiva (prolific Aust maker - seen a lot of these from the '50s)
    - Len Vogue
    - Lintern
    - Maxine (popular local maker)
    - Miss Smith (US?)
    - Nancy Lee
    - Peter York (Aust tailor?)
    - Rite Fit (US?)
    - Roths (popular local maker)
    - Shapiro
    - Sport Fashions
    - Susan Lee
    - Susan Young for Myer

    I'll see if I can dig up some info about popular Australian companies.

  16. fuzzylizzie

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    Nicole, I'd rally love to get some Australian labels added to the resource. Merivale and Prue Acton, definitely. As for the others, you would probably be a better judge than me. If the label is well known, and if information can be found for it, then we would like to add it to the resource.

    Part of the problem is that the databases we use to research are mostly US only, and most of the books I have are US and Europe-centric.
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  18. daisyfairbanks

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    from a late 60s maxi dress

    from a late 80s jersey dress

    from a 50s skirt

    from 80s silk blouse

    from 80s men's cotton polo

    from late 70s skirt
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    Just found another reference about Chester Weinberg from the spring of 1974. It said he had reorganized his business and renamed it N.O.W. Studio.

    Here's another Gino Charles from the late 1960's. Info on this label is in another thread.

  20. fast_eddies_retro_rags

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    from a women's 60's pullover sweater



    from an early 70's Hawaiian maxi dress

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