Vintage Inspirations: Shocking Pink ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of September 24th

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    Runway images: Ulla Johnson, Christian Siriano, Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch

    Vintage Inspirations: Shocking Pink
    There is a femininity in pink (since the 1930s anyway), and there is an urgency in shocking pink—it is fearlessly feminine. Yves Saint Laurent described it as “ aggressive, brawling, warrior pink.” Elsa Schiaparelli thought enough of this vibrant color to make it her non-sweet signature, giving name to her most famous perfume, color to her packaging, and finding its way into her fashions from head to toe throughout her career.

    Shocking pinks ruled the runways again for Fall 2018, looking every bit as fearless and fierce as ever. Schiap would approve.
  2. Midge

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    From my sold archives...
    1960s plastic brooch

    1980s home made velvet and satin cocktail dress

    1980s silk cocktail dress by Isabelle Allard
  3. thespectrum

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    From my sold archives
    1950s Velvet OOmphies Slippers/Flats

    1950s Matelassé Evening Coat

    1950s Sari Silk Party Dress
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    This isn't Shocking but Succes Fou.
    My favorite perfume bottle from my personal collection.
    The box has the pink lining!
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    Oh dear, I think I'm going to cry!! pinkeleemotiSo much gorgeous PINK!!!

    This bright magenta and black 50s dress is in my shop

    Some favorite previously sold items in my favorite color:
    Mike Benet 1960s formal

    Bonnie Cashin/Pringle intarsia cashmere cardigan

    Another Cashin, a three-piece set

    Padded silk satin coat
  10. From my sold archive.
    Vibrant pink 1920s chiffon gown with velvet floral trim

    Also from my sold archive. 1960s bright pink tie shoes
    pink shoes.jpg

    Available for sale at my shop in Mad Moon Marketplace vintage store
    A bright pink tweed 1960s wool skirt suit 60s-vintage-red pink-suit-plaid-jackie o-anothertimevintageapparel.jpg
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    All photos should work as clickable links

    On Etsy, a 50s strapless shelf bust evening gown in black and pink

    Polka dot dropped waist dress with flirty skirt

    An 80s cotton sundress with tiered skirt and ruffled bodice yoke

    At, a draped and ruched silk jersey Holly Harp cocktail dress

    And new old stock Daniel Green satin boudoir slippers
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    Maggie - those slippers!
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    I'm not a shocking pink kind of woman - but I sure love this parade.
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