Vintage Inspirations: Spot On! -The VFG Fashion Parade for the week of May 11th

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    Runway images: Elie Tahari, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera

    Vintage Inspirations: Spot On!

    Spotted all over the runways for Spring 2020, the dot—polka or not—hits the spot one more time. This bright spot of many decades-worth of spring prints is on the dot once again with its cheerful, optimistic vibe. You might say it’s spot on!

    We hate to put you on the spot, but have you connected the dots in your wardrobe? Find the sweet spot with vintage clothing and accessories for women and men, courtesy of VFG trade members this week.
  2. thespectrum

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    All from my sold archives
    1980s ceramic polka dot earrings

    1950s cotton dress

    1950s cotton full skirt

    1950s cotton piqué dress - Joan Miller for Glen

    Early 1960s cotton shirtwaist dress
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    Currently in my shop, there's this 1980s Lanz dress

    and this 50s linen dress

    From the archives: 50s double layer dress (do not adjust your set!)
    60s rain poncho and head scarf
    And from the I Wish I Hadn't Sold It file: 50s aqua silk coin dot dress
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