Vintage Inspirations: Stormy Leather ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of January 28th

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    2018-12-29 11.48.27.jpg
    Runway images: top left: Saint Laurent Top right: Givenchy Bottom right: Hermes

    Leather has shed it's once tough-girl/guy persona and made it on the runways of Hermes and Saint Laurent. Vegan? Never fear—faux leather alternatives are this season's coolest trend as seen at Stella McCartney and Jill Sander. Without a doubt, leather is forever. This week we are hell bent for leather with clothing and accessories in a rainbow of colors and textures, you've leather had it so good.
  2. 1980s North Beach form fitting dress
    Available in my instagram "shop"

    80s vtg north beach leather halter dress,anothertimevintageapparel.jpg

    Late 1960s soft red leather longer jacket with great details
    Available in my retail store in Mad Moon Marketplace or Facebook

    70s,red, leather,coat,jacket,anothertimevintageapparel.jpg

    From my sold archives.

    1940s white platform shoes and box
    40s platform shoes and box.JPG

    1950s red leather cinch belt
    50 vintage red belt,anothertimevintageapparel.JPG

    Vintage Hermes white belt
    60s vintage hermes belt,anothertimevintageapparel.JPG hermes paris stamp belt.JPG
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