Vintage Plaid Jackets

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  1. lindapoirier

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    I just got the blue/white/maroon version last night. Some of mine are women's and some men's. I think what I love the most is the diversity yet they are all plaid jackets. Kind of like how we are all people yet we are different and beautiful! With the exception of the Siesta jacket, I've found all mine locally for under $10 each.

  2. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    Very cool! A ice collection too.

    By the way, are you the person who collects and makes jewelry out of vintage, pre 1950s, celluloid chains? I found one just this morning from the 30s or 40s and wanted to give it to someone who could make a necklace or charm bracelet, etc. Free.

    Anyway I love your shirts and jackets!
  3. lindapoirier

    lindapoirier Registered Guest

    Thanks. I keep looking for a vintage silver leather jacket and I don't find one but the men's isle is always so interesting. Plaids jump out from the muted colour palette of their rows.

    I do make my own jewelry and would be interested in seeing the chain. Thanks for thinking of me.
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  5. The Vintage Vendeuse

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    I love wool plaid jackets, too! I have a fairly large collection of Pendleton 49ers, both vintage and contemporary. So cozy!
  6. lindapoirier

    lindapoirier Registered Guest

    It is amazing. I mean the colours are so vibrant. Kind of a juxtaposition; dynamic colour vs. utilitarian garment.

    I would love to see your collection of colours!

    Maybe someone could explain the difference between car coats and 49ers? Excuse my ignorance.
  7. lindapoirier

    lindapoirier Registered Guest

    MJ, I have a modern silver "Harley" jacket. I keep looking for a really cool 60s silver leather jacket.

    Edit . I just got this lamb leather gold jacket ($10) at the 7NA ( seven nation army - what Jack White thought the Salvation Army was called as a child!).

    Of course I put antique brass bamboo buttons on it.

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  8. lindapoirier

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    I got this vintage (70s) plaid shirt today. Black, yellow and red. $6.99!

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