Visit the State Fair! ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of August 21st

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    This week, our members hop in the VFG time machine and travel back to the heyday of that old-fashioned American institution, the State Fair! Prize winners in the fabric category include: gingham, chambray, bandana prints, lightweight plaids & denim, and any novelty prints with a country or farm-theme.

    Showing off summer-casual attire for men and ladies, please include: short-sleeved shirts, seersucker suits, overalls; cotton dresses (and house-dresses), capris, shorts and tops. Accessories like pinafore aprons, straw hats or handbags, and "country-style" or walking shoes, from low-heeled sandals to work boots, are welcome to join in the fun. Meet you at the Ferris wheel!

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    Here's a few patterns to make the perfect State Fair look:

    1940s puff sleeves & ruffled yoke dress pattern Simplicty 1553 B32

    1940s puff sleeves and ruffles dress pattern Advance 4507 B30

    1940s off the shoulder blouse pattern McCall 7197 B32

    1940s apron pattern Simplicity 1162 B32-34

    1950s girls' sleeveless blouse, shorts and full skirt pattern Simplicity 1146 Teen size 14 B32
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