Walborg Handbags and one "unknown" bag/hardware, any ideas on age?

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  1. trappersdaughter

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    I have a few Walborgs in this lot. They are all very different styles, but owned by the same woman, so I am not sure if they are from the same era - the red beaded one actually has a '59 on the Walborg tag and is only beaded on front and handle, the back and interior are black silk.
    These are two Walborg - the red beaded bag has the '59 on the tag:
    RedWalborg 1959.JPG white walborg 2.JPG whitewalborg.JPG

    I will add a couple more photos of the red beaded bag this evening as it is a little different in structure - it zips open at the top under a flap and there is a pocket area and it is also open at both sides...almost like you can use it as a purse and hand warmer!?

    Thanks AGAIN for all your help! This place is a wealth of knowledge...it truly has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for true vintage clothing and accessories!!!

    *I removed the "unknown bag" and photos, will post a new thread for that and add some interior pics as well)
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    Hi TD, it would help immensely if you could split this into one thread per bag (click 'edit' at the bottom of your post to change text & add/remove photos) as it's not clear when talking about a group of items like this which bag you are referring to.
    To get the best response please show the outside, interior & any labels of each bag in their own thread. (similarly for your other thread about multiple bags)
    I'm rather intrigued myself as to the age of the white floral beaded bag, as I have an unbranded glass beaded clutch myself with the same clasp - it was a tough call whether it was 50's or 80's, I went with the latter in the end as we couldn't be sure it was that early (thinking of the beaded tops from the 80's made in China/Hong Kong where the craftsmanship at that time was still high)
  3. trappersdaughter

    trappersdaughter Registered Guest

    Thanks Pinkcoke! It really helps that the edit tool for this forum is so easy to use :)
  4. poppysvintageclothing

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  5. foofoogal

    foofoogal Registered Guest

    Lovely red bag. I have a few Walborg Belgium bags and I find them exceptional.
    Heavy in weight. Does it not have a country on the tag?
  6. cmpollack

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    The red bag is stunning! The floral beaded bag looks late 50s/early 60s to me, and is lovely also. :sunshine:
  7. trappersdaughter

    trappersdaughter Registered Guest

    Here are some more photos of the red Walborg. Under the flap is a tag that says "59 Walborg Company" (so I am assuming 1959) and there is another tag on the interior (I did not even notice until today!) that says Made in Belguim by hand Walborg. The interesting thing about this bag is that there is a zippered part where you can store your "stuff", but the bag is also open on both ends so you can slide your hands in, like a muff. The open area where you can keep your hands is lined with the same silk as the exterior and the way the stitching is, it appears this was an intentional part of the design.
    Thanks for everyone's help and comments!!!

    The back of the purse with the flap down/closed:
    Walborg Back Closed.jpg
    The back of the bag with the flap up and purse unzipped:
    Walborg back flap open.jpg
    The tag on the underside of the flap:
    Walborg Company Flap Tag 59.jpg
    The tag on the interior:
    Walborg interior tag Belgium by hand.jpg
    The hand-y throughway:
    Walborg opening through.jpg
  8. cmpollack

    cmpollack Trade Member

    Wow, that's unusual, to be styled like a muff though it clearly wouldn't serve to keep your hands warm! Not sure what the "59" refers to, but I doubt that's the date of manufacture. (I thought the number you were describing was on a price tag or something similar). I think it's earlier than 1959!

    The designer/founder of the Walborg Corporation was Hilde Walborg Weinberg, and the company started around 1950 (different sources say either 1949 or 1951).

    If there is a country of manfacture on the white purse label, that would help to pin down date. (If Belgium, it's likely 50s; if Hong Kong, likely 60s). They imported lots of those white beaded bags with a floral pattern that incorporated tambour style embroidery in the mid 50s (from Europe), but I thought yours could be later because it looks to be "all beads".
  9. Love the red paisley and that looks so 60s to me! The other bag is lovely, too.
  10. trappersdaughter

    trappersdaughter Registered Guest

    I have become obsessed with finding out about the red bag! I finally found a little tidbit of info: Hilde Weinberg of Walborg filed 2 works of arts copyrights in 1959 for two different "bead work on muff handbag" designs!!!
  11. cmpollack

    cmpollack Trade Member

    Fascinating--that certainly describes your unusual purse!
  12. Pinkcoke

    Pinkcoke Alumni

    I can definetly remember seeing an image of a lady wearing one of these muff bags, probably in Roseanne Ettinger's 'Handbags' but I don't have it now to check. I distinctly thought it was a 1930s image though, so maybe this was a revival of the style?
  13. trappersdaughter

    trappersdaughter Registered Guest

    Thanks Melanie! I am waiting on that book to be delivered from Amazon tomorrow!!!

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