We love Lucy and Ricky! ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of February 12th

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    This week we celebrate beloved ‘It' couple Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, otherwise known as the married partners movie star/comedienne Lucille Ball and actor/singer/producer Desi Arnaz. These powerhouse sweethearts pioneered the American sitcom with the hugely popular 1950s television show I Love Lucy. The wacky and ambitious housewife with a penchant for trouble, and her husband the lovable band leader with an excitable personality, stole the hearts of American viewers. I Love Lucy continues to be one of the most recognized programs to this day.

    We love Lucy, and prove it with 1950s day dresses, housecoats and at-home wear, along with fur stoles, evening wear, shoes, hats, and accessories à la Lucy. Babaloo with Ricky in 1950s men's suits, hats, overcoats, mid century neckties, 1950s nightclub costumes, sharp evening suits, dress shoes, and accessories.

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    I could see Lucy in this dressing gown
  5. lucyhat.png
    Lucy loved HATS! 1950s Straw Bowler Style Hat with Black Velvet and Lace Trim

    1950s Maxcele Original Blue Velvet Close Hat

    And, who could ever forget when Lucy and Ricky were having a BABY!!!
    1950s Maternity Top Blue Plaid Cotton and Pleated
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    Lucy definitely rocked the aprons, so I think she'd like this 50s black and gold hostess apron

    She liked vertical striped shirts like this one in pink and green

    She loved pedal pushers and 50s shorts, these are cotton and blue tartan plaid

    This R&K Originals black, pink and baby floral party dress seems right up her alley.

    Although these are 80s doing 50s, I think these Italian wingtips at MisterBibs are perfect for Ricky.

    Just a side note - Lucille Ball was a young fashion model using the name "Diane Belmont" in 1936 when she did some work with my grandfather who was in the wholesale clothing and beauty products industry. He invited Lucille to a New Years day party at his home, where she went snow sledding and shared the sled with my then 12 year old dad, who never forgot her. This is what she looked like in 1936:


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    1950s shirtwaist dress pattern Style 657

    1950s shirtwaist dress pattern Simplicity 2224

    1950s full skirted evening gown or cocktail dress pattern McCalls 3001

    1950s McCalls sample pattern - short apron

    1950s Nightgown pattern Ringier 59980

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