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What do you own that you are horrifed to find is now considered "Vintage"

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by Patentleathershoes, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. What do you own that you are horrifed to find is now considered \"Vintage\"

    Okay...I have said many times that i am officially old, horrified or have officially arrived LOL now that the 80s is considered a vintage decade So it begs the question - what item of clothing do you still own, that you bought when it was brand new or someone gifted to you when it was brand new (40 yr old NOS doesn;t count! - i mean at a store the year it was produced), that you are suprised/horrified/thrilled that it is now considered "vintage?"

    ((Okay, folks who experienced handmedowns, if an older sibling passed it down to you within 5 years of original purchase in the case of outgrowing it, that counts too)

    and second question - do you wear it still or do you keep it despite it doesn't fit? (sentimental value).

    i know someone must have their "trademark" jacket that they have worn perennially since '67 that they wish they could clone, or alternately, a posession that is so horrific that they dare not speak its name. (getting rid of it is not an option because it would have to be exposed to the light of day).

    Descriptions and photos encouraged!!!

    I promise to trot out mine later on. (which will probably be an anticlimax to what others are sure to have).

  2. Oh, I have several pieces that I keep but don't wear from the 80's.

    My sorority letter sweatshirt is one and my HS football jersey is another (no, I didn't PLAY football, it was a just the fashion for everyone to have one).

    I kept my favorite pair of blue jeans until just a few years ago when the realist in me decided I'd never be a size 14 again. :(

    I have all of my 80's costume jewelry even though I don't wear it and probably never will. I also have all of my hair clips/barrettes, etc. from the 80's.

    You'd think with all of the moves we've made I'd have tossed some of that stuff by now, but I can't quite seem to part with it.

  3. Just quickly thinking...I know I have my bell bottom jeans from early 70s. I have my 67 cheerleader sweater and megaphone. I had a 60s beaded purse that I saw featured in a Vintage Handbag Book, kept it for ages and may still have it. I have most of my jewelry from the time I started wearing it, and my Mom's, including my high school 14K white gold charm bracelet chocked full of charms.<p>Cleaned out a lot of my 60s, 70s, lingerie to list, including my "honeymoon" stuff, but haven't listed it yet.<p>And since 80s is vintage now and I have a whole basement full, I'll be cleaning that out soon.
  4. nsweezie

    nsweezie Registered Guest

    Great topic, and it really got me thinking.
    Most of my 'horrors' are still in my parents basement in Canada, so while they aren't technically here with me in Norway, I still have them.
    I have lots of stuff from the 80s and 90s, but the things that I am most sentimental about are:
    1. A t-shirt from my graduating year of high school (1991) that lists everyone from my class. It is so threadbare that it would be illegal to wear in public.
    2. My Patagonia jacket in purple, bought as a birthday present in 1985, and I love it still.
    3. Acid washed jeans from 1989, these are a real horror, and I have no idea why I haven't tossed them.
    I am a pack rat, and that is why I think I still have most of my clothes!
  5. Louise, I KNOW I am a pack rat. I have promised myself that starting next week I am going to do a major cleaning out (even though it might hurt)...I'm going to do it....I'm going to do it.....
  6. artisannes

    artisannes VFG Member

  7. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    My wedding dress. It's a 1976 Gunne-clone - all lace and ruffles, with a deeply v-ed neck and a shirred bodiced to make it a touch naughty. I remember that it was $75, but I got it for $25 on mark-down.

    I also have a denim jacket that I embroidered back in my hippie days, probably about 1972 or 73. It's cute.

    I have lots of my favorite tee shirts from the 80s that i I still wear. My favorite is Spuds Mackenzie.

    And right now I'm wearing my favorite Banana Republic shorts from about 1986. They are on their last legs, but I love them and I'm constantly looking for an identical pair. Evidently this style wasn't one of the catalog regulars, as I've never found another pair in the same fabric.

  8. Leisa

    Leisa VFG Member

    #1 - I absolutely hated the 80's fashion then & still do.

    However - I still have 2 pair of bodacious earrings that my Mom gave me. I'm not really fond of either pair, but she thought they'd look good on stage & I just never have been able to discard them. Everytime I see them, I think of her. :)

    In the 80's, I wore 40's & 50's dresses, painters pants with boy beaters, long skirts w/boots. Okay - sorta the same thang I wore in the 70's, only I replaced the bellbottoms w/straight leg jeans.
    I Did break down & buy a hot pink spandex dress with a flesh tone fishnet sweetheart neckline. It was pretty darn racey & supposedly belonged to Ann Wilson of Heart before I found it.

    The only thing I did like about the 80's was the 40's retro stuff. And spandex jeans, I confess. :cool:
  9. Well, I guess you all proved that I am a mere amateur when it comes to "retention." I have parted with a lot of things, but there is one item that is just sort of like a bad penny...somehow it followed me from Detroit to Wisconsin back to Detroit, to Boston, and now despite many fabric articles being destroyed in the move, somehow it made it totally unscathed. No granted, i have actually not actually put it on, besides seeing if it still fits me. since 1992. It is all a bit of a let down...since Linda sounds like she has the entire fashion panorama of the 80s in her basement and Louise is still horrified by her acid washed jeans. (and btw Louise...i forgot that i had one of those graduatation shirts too...only i only graduated in a class of 36 so there weren't too many names : ) I think we must have gone to the same high school, as the girls on the softball team all wore football jerseys as well.

    Lizzie - did ya try ebay lol on those shorts? or put out an APB? and how do you have your gown stored...in a box with a peep window, on display, or just hanging in your closet?

    What i miss the most about the early 80s (if one can actually say that) is t-shirts that actually fit me. as the 90s crawled nearer, t- shirts started getting boxier, and unless you got something with some stretch in it (and then it wasn't a t any more), that was the only thing that worked. boxy t-shirts over bike shorts, jams, and stretch pants....boy did i hate those t-shirts.

    I lived the 80s wishing it was the mod 60s or the 40s LOL


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