where are my manners? May I introduce myself...

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  1. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

    Hello all,

    I joined last week, and have been all over the boards, and realise I didn't properly introduce myself.

    I'm Ruth and am in London, England. I'm a vintage fanatic, have been wearing it for awhile. I started in the Victorian era - the dress that really started me off was a 1890s bustled walking suit - and moved forward from there (missing out the twenties - I just don't have the figure for a flapper). As well as Victoriana, I love the forties and fifties.

    Now my wardrobes are bursting, and I've started selling some of my own collection, but I can't resist buying more even when it doesn't fit me, so have recently made the decision to become have a go at trading - I think this is probably a familiar story to you all!

    So I'm so very glad to have found the fantastic VFG, it's great to know there are other people as obsessed as me! What a wealth of knowledge there is here, and I hope to become a good contributor.

    Best wishes,

  2. Welcome Ruth~

    You're singing my song - I, too, gradually acquired a few lovely pieces, kept picking up lovely things - my size or not, because I couldn't walk away from them, and now, here we are!

    With all of the knowledge, resources and shared love of vintage here it's my favorite place~
  3. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    welcome Ruth!
  4. emmapeelpants

    emmapeelpants Alumni

    Hello Ruth from a fellow Londoner :D

  5. cmpollack

    cmpollack Trade Member

    Welcome, Ruth! Love your story, and your photo!

  6. vintageclothesline

    vintageclothesline Trade Member

    Why does that sound so familiar!

  7. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks all for the welcome. Glad you like the picture Carrie. nNice to know there's at least one more Londoner here Emma.
  8. missproper

    missproper Alumni

    Hello Ruth! Great to have you here :)
  9. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont Trade Member

    Welcome Ruth -

    I lived in London in the early 70's and that's where I really got the vintage bug. I was right off King's Rd., so while others were doing their Carnaby St. thing, I was happy in 40's dresses, which were fairly easy to find back in the day.
  10. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the welcome everyone.

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