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  1. laughingmagpie

    laughingmagpie Registered Guest

    Hello again,

    This time my quest is for a white hat similar to the one Audrey Hepburn wears in "Charade":


    White or cream, with either no ornamentation or something that can be easily removed (and replaced afterwards without hurting the hat).

    Audrey's hat in "Charade" actually has some subtle grooves/indentation to style it. That's ok, but completely plain is alright too.

    A sort of bubble/helmet/beehive shape, without a brim.

    The material should be smooth: felt, leather, vinyl, or cloth for instance, but not textured like raffia.

    The vintage of the hat is not important, even though this is a 1960's style, I'm after the overall look and so any vintage is alright with me on this one.

    My budget is under $40.

    Thanks so much!

  2. DeCoDiVa

    DeCoDiVa Registered Guest

    Maybe this will do it

    I have to photo it in the morning. The light is too yellow. And it wont be anywhere near 40. :excited:
  3. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Administrator Staff Member

    I have one or two wool felt cream bubble hats. Neither is listed, but here's one I have a shot of, a Gwenn Pennington. I have it shown worn tilted to the side and front like a beret style, but because it's semi-structured, it can be positioned on the head more like a regular hat. This is slightly tucked at the brim, and has a small bow at the back that is easily removed.


    I "think" I have another similar style somewhere, too. I'll check.

    You can e-mail me at [email protected].
  4. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Administrator Staff Member

    Of which--my bubble hat? Or more of the original poster's Audrey pictures?

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