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  1. vrock

    vrock Member

    I am much more a vintage shopper than a seller but I came across a gorgeous vintage Halston beaded jacket/top at an estate sale this weekend and knew that for $20 I had a steal. I have had a hard time pricing it or dating it and your site has been incredibly helpful. I used the tag finder to confirm that it is indeed vintage. WooHoo! This is fun. I can see how I could become a vintage addict very easily. Thanks for the wealth of information:USETHUMBUP:
  2. You are welcome!

    Be warned...when you talk about a vintage item, people are going to demand photos to drool over LOL :)

    How did you find us by the way?

  3. Oh, and by the way,...this board is for buyers, sellers, appreciators, etc...everyone's welcome!
  4. vrock

    vrock Member

    I'm going to take pictures tonight hopefully. I don't have a mannequin (sp) so I'm not quite sure how I'm going to photograph it to do it justice.

    I am a singer in an old country/rockabilly band and I'm always on the look out for vintage dresses to wear while performing. I was out Saturday looking at Thrift Stores and Estate Sales and I came across this gorgeous beaded jacket. It's very heavy and I really couldn't tell it was vintage because it is in such wonderful shape...but even a lable dummy like myself recognized the name "Halston" I almost didn't buy it but I kept thinking "that has got to be worth something" so I went home and googled it and was shocked to see how much pieces like this go for. I drove back immeadiately and handed the lady $20.

    I have been a thrift store junkie since my teens (I'm 38) but I never really thought about being able to turn my passion to profit...I am definetly thinking now!
  5. That sounds so cool! We had a rockabilly workshop awhile back and talked about the fashions associated and what folks look for. It is archived in the workshop forum within this very chat forum. Check it out. :)
    We have workshops all the time...in fact we will be having a series on different designers all summer long starting a bit later in June as well. Everyone is welcome :) this is a great place to learn. I learn something new everyday.

    We also have quite a few sellers that offer things that might be up your alley, and this is a great way to get a heads up on things that might be offered before everyone else gets their hands on them. Keep your eyes open for lots of sneak previews of great things, and if looking for anything special, you can always post in the "wanted" section and you might get some direct links to items for sale all over the net from reputable sellers directly too those items you are looking for.

    BTW, vrock, what is your first name so we know what to call you? Unless your parents were very "creative" ;)
  6. Oh by the way, i have used tissue paper to stuff things up before i had a mannequin. I got a hanging half form that are very reasonably priced in the middle - before i got the mannequin but post tissue stuffing.
  7. vrock

    vrock Member

    Actually my parents were fairly creative - My real name is Venus;)

    Thanks for all the tips. It's incredibly nice of you and I appreciate the help.
  8. Thanks for all the tips

    that's what we are about here. I am sure others as they log in throughout the day will give you a :hiya: as well.

    My real name is Venus

    Cool Parents! :thumbsup:

    have fun!!!!
  9. Venus, welcome!!:hiya: Glad to have you here. Don't worry about a manni, just stuff it with tissue paper or plastic bags. We want to see a picture!!
  10. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    ohhhh that jacket sounds neat! I can't wait to see pics! (hint hint)

    Welcome Venus!:hiya:
  11. (told you people would beg for pictures) :USING:

    What is the name of your band, and do they have a website?

  12. vrock

    vrock Member

    I came home and took some pictures. I don't have any photography skills and the pics just don't do it justice ( I read that all the time in descriptions...but this time it's true)

    It wraps around and ties on the inside so I'm not sure if it's a jacket or a top. Any help you guys could give me on a description, would be awesome.



  13. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    I think it's a fancy top. Looks like early 80's? Maybe late 70's?

    Very neat! I love sparkly stuff.

    So it's a wrap top. One side ties up on the inside... how does the other side close?
  14. Description? what about :drool: just drool...
  15. vrock

    vrock Member

    There is a snap on the other side. It's pretty well hidden as I didn't know it was there for a couple of days. It's VERY sparkly.
  16. vrock

    vrock Member

    There is a snap on the other side. It's pretty well hidden as I didn't know it was there for a couple of days. It's VERY sparkly.
  17. elsewhere

    elsewhere Guest

    oh yeah... sexy Studio 54 wear!

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