Yippee! My first Babylon sale!

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  1. I finally sold something!!!! I am so excited. It was a result of an eBay auction too. The buyer won a handbag on eBay I was selling and then visited my mall site and purchased another bag! I was so excited, I ran out and bought business cards. They came out great. I am so ready to promote.

  2. artizania

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    Well done - on both sales! :clapping:
  3. gaildavid

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  4. Isn't that the most fun? Congratulations.:clapping::clapping:

    Promote, promote, promote!!
  5. Congrats! ...and doesn't it ROCK to know you didn't pay listing and final-sale-value fees on the mall sale? Wheee!
  6. it sure does Rock Steph! All though eBay did lead them here. For a beginner like me, it seems like it's a necessary evil :horny:

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