You grow girl! denisebrain's May theme

Discussion in 'PUBLIC VFG Fashion Parades' started by denisebrain, May 5, 2009.

  1. denisebrain

    denisebrain VFG Acting President Staff Member

    You grow girl! denisebrain\'s May theme

    Please visit Flower Power! (sound up)

    A couple of bouquets in my new web store for your consideration:

    Stunning cotton print dress by Kahana Manufacturing Co. - Honolulu

    Beaded lambswool/angora sweater labeled Lorine

    There's more coming out in my eBay and Etsy stores!
  2. pinky-a-gogo

    pinky-a-gogo Alumni

  3. denisebrain

    denisebrain VFG Acting President Staff Member

    Yay! :D
  4. ivycompany

    ivycompany Alumni

    Adorable. And I have to say that your website is looking very good!
  5. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont Trade Member

    I shake my head in wonder. :clapping::clapping::clapping:
  6. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing Administrator Staff Member

  7. Leisa

    Leisa Registered Guest

    Maggie - the theme is adorable as always & your 'new' store looks freakin' fabulous!

    You go, gurrrl!!! :USETHUMBUP:
  8. vintageclothesline

    vintageclothesline Trade Member

    Your monthly themes are always fabulous and I love the new website!
  9. denisebrain

    denisebrain VFG Acting President Staff Member

    Thank you thank you thank you :wub:

    The website is doing pretty well! I love the freedom from having to sell on The Man's site.
  10. vintagebaubles

    vintagebaubles Super Moderator Staff Member

    Love that dress, Maggie! And your site is lookin' good!

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