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Welcome to the VFG Forums - PLEASE READ FIRST

Rules and guidelines for the forums

There are two levels of VFG forum access:

Trade Members

- Professional vintage fashion traders and educators receive a range of benefits, including recognition and networking, access to the trade and public forums and a venue to promote their wares and businesses. An application for membership is required and an annual fee is applicable – please click here if you would like to find out more about the benefits of becoming a VFG Member.

Registered Guests

- Can read and post to the public forms but not promote their wares or businesses. Registration is free!

We do require that you abide by the following VFG rules:

  • 1 - Treat other posters with respect at all times. The forums are moderated by the VFG forum administration team and we will delete any offensive, illegal, pornographic or spam content.

  • 2 - Messages posted express the views of their author only and not of the VFG and we will not be held responsible for them.

  • 3 - Registered Guests are not allowed to offer items for sale or post links to items for sale, blogs or social media. This is a privilege reserved for VFG Trade Members only. Registered Guests who do so will have these posts edited or deleted, and may be banned from the forums.

  • 4 - Registration as a Registered Guests on the forums does not make someone a Trade Member of the VFG.

  • 5 - Trade Members of the VFG are unable to authenticate designer labels on the forums. For authentication we recommend contacting the design house directly.

  • 6 - Trade Members of the VFG are unable to value items posted in the forums. For valuation we recommend professional appraisers or searching sold values on sites such as Ruby Lane and ebay.

  • 7 - If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register for the forums.

  • - The VFG Forum is a public service funded by the fees paid by the professional Trade Members. You can show your support for the VFG by making a donation or perhaps you would like to join our trade membership? Here is our Code of Practice, a requirement of trade membership.

    Enjoy the forums - the VFG Board

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